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Hi I'm Kiersten

I am the oldest of 6 children. I have lived in 7 states. I am a college student. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a very happy, content young adult. I am going to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah to get my college degree...most likely in Nursing. I have always wanted to do nursing because I truly enjoy serving people and I would love a job that allows me to serve those around me on a daily basis. I have grown up all over the United States and have loved the moving! Although I was born in Utah it is definitely not home, having lived in California, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, I simply claim the United States as home! In High School I was definitely a busy body! I loved being social and going out and having a fun time with friends! I was on the Track and Cross Country team as well as Swim and Volleyball Team. I did Student Government, Hospital Volunteering and helped run the School Store. I worked 2 jobs my senior year at a burger joint and a formal dress store. Basically I was just your average american teenage girl, trying to be involved and just enjoying life and while I am not that busy in College, I do work hard on my study and love working out with friends and spending time on the local social scene. I loving hiking, camping, boating, dancing and laughing. And my philosophy in life can be summed up in 3 words...Remember to SMILE!! :)

Why I am a Mormon

What I know: 1) We are all searching for happiness 2) We all come from a Father in Heaven 3) He loves all of us equally and wants us to come home to Him 4) We have an Elder Brother, Jesus Christ, who loved us enough to individually feel and pay for every mistake, pain, and loss we have ever felt 5) Through Christ we can return to live with our Father in Heaven 6) Families are ETERNAL and do not have to end with 'death do us part.' I am Mormon because I have searched, prayed, studied and asked for myself. Yes, I was born and raised Mormon. But one cannot live with the rules and strictures of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints without honestly knowing for themselves if it's true. I was in a high school that lost many of its students... a total of 15 in the 4 years that I attended. One being my best friend's brother to suicide, and another one being a very good friend whom I dated, that was killed in a freak ski accident. I had friends who smoke, drank and were pregnant before they graduated. I had friends who were staunch Catholics, others who were Jewish, Hindu, non-denominational, and atheist. I was not blind to the world or what really happened. I was not unaffected from the pain and hurt that many people experience in this world. And of course like most teenagers I questioned and fought what my parents had taught me. I wanted to know for myself that they weren't crazy or wrong. So I read the Book of Mormon, I studied the literature, I asked questions. But most importantly: I prayed. I asked God, if what I had been taught and what I was learning was true. Then I took a leap of faith and waited. I continued to read, search and pray but I waited. My answer wasn't a vision or a voice or anything like that. But it was miraculous in the fact that one day I woke up and realized that I simply knew. When I read the Book of Mormon, when I prayed, when I studied,I felt a peace and happiness that confirmed that it was true. And that is why I am Mormon.

How I live my faith

Being Mormon, to me, means showing Charity. In other words, how I live my Faith has everything to do with caring, respecting and loving others. Because I have moved around so often my faith has often been my identity. Living in areas with little to no Mormons around I was the girl who always had sleeves on her shirt and wore pants, capris or bermuda shorts. I never swore. I didn't date until I was 16. And I did not smoke or drink and did nothing beyond a simple, quick kiss. Although I often appeared different to those around, I have always felt respected and in return I always treated my peers with respect despite our differences. Living my faith had nothing to do with trying to push my faith on others. If my friends or peers had questions I answered them and always returned their questions with interest in their faith or their own lives. To me being Mormon simply means living as Christ-like as possible. And to me being Christ-like means being quiet and unassuming in my beliefs. Christ taught mainly by example and when he did teach with words it was always kind and respectful of others views. I try vert hard to live my faith by doing the same. I serve my fellow men as often as possible, whether that's by writing a note, baking cookies, helping someone move, babysitting or just talking and laughing with someone. Being Mormon means smiling through our trials, handing our fears and worries to Christ, focusing on others and recognizing no one is perfect, we are all unique but we are all children of God.

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

The Purpose of Mormon Missionaries is simply to invite others to come unto Christ. When Mormon missionaries enter a home they enter it with love and simply want to share a message about Jesus Christ and His atonement. Missionaries are not there to convert and get you to join the Church they simply desire to teach of Christ and teach how through Him and through His Atonement all people can find peace and happiness. The missionaries teach of Heavenly Father and the Plan of Happiness, which answer the questions of where did we come from, why are we here and where are we going. Missionaries simply want to teach about Christ and how to make it home to our Heavenly Father through Christ Atonement. Show more Show less