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Hi I'm Gilbert

I'm a chemical engineering major, a music lover, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Gilbert and I was born and rasied in Huntington Beach, CA. Everyone always askes me if I'm a surfer and the answer is always the same, no. I was going to college to be a chemical engineer before I was called to serve a mission in Spokane, Washington. I love chemistry and exploring how the world works. There is nothing more satisfying to me than to mix differenct chemicals together, seeing something brand new created, and then going back and exploring why exactly that happened. Besides science I'm a huge fan of music. I play both the tuba and the trombone in just about every place I can. Classical orchestras, pep band, reggae bands, and with anyone else who will take me. I also enjoying composing my own music or arranging music for my friends. When I'm not too busy I also enjoying camping and backpacking. It really gives you time to think when it's just you and a friend miles and miles away from anywhere. Between all that, I like doing the normal stuff. Spending time with family and friends, video games, hanging out at the beach, ect.

Why I am a Mormon

I could go into great depth into why exactly I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints but I'll try and keep it brief. I was born into the church but didn't know what it was that I had been born into. As I kept studying and learning more about science I had questions about if God really was there because science seemed to have the answer to everything. I figured that the only way to know if God was there was to ask Him is he was. Through studying the scriptures, going to chruch, living the way I had been raised, and most importantly through heart-felt prayer, I came to know that God truly is there and that He is our living, and loving Father in Heaven. One I knew that fact, everything else fell into place. I came to realize that Jesus was the Christ and that it is only through him that I can be forgiven of my mistakes. I learned that the Book of Mormon was God's word, along with the Bible. I learned that God truly has a prophet on the earth today and that this is God's true church on the earth today.

How I live my faith

My faith is something that is very action based. Probably the biggest thing I do isn't something most people see which is studying the holy scriptures. Nothing brings me closer to My Savior than opening up the Bible and the Book of Mormon and studying the words of prophets of God. I love reading the inspired teachings of Paul, John, and Peter from the Bible and Nephi, Moroni, and Alma in the Book of Mormon and most importanly the teachings of our Savior, Jesus Christ. But all my studying is in vain if I don't go out and act on the principles I've learned. When we go out and follow what we've been given and go help out our neighbors, or to visit the sick and lonely, or share the light we have recived with others, all our studying is for nothing. The way i can do that the best is by just trying to be a good example for those around me. Don't take that to mean I'm perfect (because I'm definetly not) but I just try and do the thing that Christ would do If He were in my place. I try to build other people up instead of tearing them down. I try and see every one as my brother and sister and help them in any way I can.