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Hi I'm Tyson Steed

I love soccer , music, and any form of art I can find. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My absolute favorite thing to do is to draw, but I also love painting and ceramics, and basically any other kind of art you can think of. Music is also one of my favorite things in the world, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't survive without it... I am almost always listening to music, just can't seem to get enough of it. I've grown up in a very music-centered home, with my dad being good at basically any instrument he tries, and my mom having an amazing voice. I'm kind of the percussion fan of the family, I am obsessed with the drums, which is weird since it's one of the only instruments my dad didn't get into as much. My sister plays the guitar like a professional after only 3 years of practice, and of my 2 younger brothers the older one likes singing and the youngest is trying to learn the drums, which I think is awesome! I'll play almost any sport, I love doing anything outside, but my favorite is definitely soccer. I am currently serving in the Tennessee Nashville Mission, havin' the time of my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church, my family is all mormon, so I kind of lived off my parents' testimonies for a long time, slowing building up my own. But it took until just 2 years ago to really feel the need for my own testimony. I had never questioned the church before, and so I hadn't needed my own testimony, I could live off my parents' for that long. But out of no where, one day, about a week after I became a priest, my dad pulled me and my sister aside and he said not to really worry about it, but he was questioning his worthiness for the priesthood and going to the temple for reasons he wouldn't tell us, and he told us he wouldn't be able to go into the temple anymore, or to use the priesthood anymore... I honestly felt betrayed, that's the word I remember using in my head, interestingly, but I just couldn't believe my dad was telling us this. Of all the people in the world, my dad had been the perfect example to me all my life of what a good dad should be, and when he told us that, it really got me to question how I could have always thought that. Without my dad, I crumbled quickly it felt like... I didn't feel any desire to go to church. I thought if my dad questioned certain things in the church, then how could I know it to be true? He told me what questions he had and why he questioned them, and what hurt me was that I saw the sense in those questions... So I went into my Book of Mormon every night, hours at a time, trying so hard to find the answers to his- and now my- questions. Well I found them, and I found even more- I found my own testimony of this gospel and of this church. I know for a fact now this church is true, and that Joseph Smith really did restore this gospel to the earth. After talking to my bishop, who had a similar experience with his dad when he was my age, I hope that by going on a mission my dad will find his answers and become worthy for the priesthood and to enter the temple again. These things I say in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

I am currently the 1st assistant to the bishop in the priest quorum, which means I basically lead all our priesthood discussions at church, which I'm pretty used to by now since I've had the calling for over a year now... It can be tough sometimes though, because I'm the one who needs to make sure that the priests in our ward are showing up every week, and when they do show up I try to get as much participation in the discussion from everyone as I can. I just barely got back from zion's camp, for which I was called to be in the presidency 9 months before it started. It's called something different usually depending on where you live, but Zion's camp is basically just a stake camp for young men. It's a lot different from a scout camp, because it gives the young men of my stake more opportunity to feel the spirit. It was seriously an amazing experience for me to help plan the whole camp out, to figure out the best ways to help the young men of our stake to have an experience that they will remember forever. It was hard work, but to see the camp go through as a success made it all worth it in the end, and I'm so grateful I was called to help with it!