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Hi I'm Ruth

I'm a native Californian, married my high school sweetheart, have a big family on a mini farm and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

My children have been my life's work. All eight of them. Six of them are in the "adult" phase of their life so I only have two left at home. Grandma Jean also lives with us, she is my mother-in-law and I love her. My husband "retired" a year ago. We have always worked hard to have a great marriage. It is real but great. He is the love of my life, forever. He has a few part time jobs and is a very busy man. We enjoy our time together working around our little farm/ranch and homeschooling our two youngest. We enjoy being grandparents too! For 32 years now I have worked to infuse in my children all the values and attributes that I cherish most. The lasting effect on me is that the line gets fuzzy - where I begin and they end - even with all the apron string cutting I've had to do over the years. So it is good as I am asked to remember a little bit about me . . . I am a teacher of truth, a lover of learning, an applauding audience of the beauty of nature and the creative expression of all varieties of artists! I am a scholar and a patriot, a zealot and a peacemaker. But most of all I am an open minded analyst and consultant type with a solid core in the Gospel of Jesus Christ who teaches and encourages others to find truth and to use their God given ability to think for themselves as they find truth in the classics such as sacred writings, ancient literature and original sources. To find balance in life and to live in harmony with God's will for peace and comfort.

Why I am a Mormon

I am grateful that when I was a child my father recognized the truth of the Gospel message and subsequently blessed my life by his conversion. Because of him I was able to be raised with some of the teachings of the church in my primary years and as a youth I was blessed and protected by my involvement in the youth programs. I learned as a youth - for myself - that the restored gospel - the church - is true. I read the Book of Mormon and asked Heavenly Father and felt the warmth in my soul that it was good, right and true! However, this confirmation has not gone without challenge over the years. But with each challenge of my faith came a stronger conviction of the truth. God never promised a life without hardships. These hardships make us better IF we let them. He did promise He would sustain us in our challenges. I know this requires us to LOOK hard for His love and tender mercies during the hard times and to SEE God's hand in our lives. To FEEL His love. To continually put our faith and trust in him even when it brings us to our knees with sobbing tears! It is a test! We must be humble and trust in him like a little child is asked to do for us when we are trying to help them. My foundation which was built solidly on Jesus Christ as Savior of the world was rocked powerfully! More powerfully then the worst earthquake imaginable! And it didn't move! Some slight exterior cracks that have since closed was all that happened. I have the faith of the pioneers - we are promised!! Nothing will shake my faith and conviction that our Family is Eternal - we are promised!! Heavenly Father will fulfill all His promises - I know it and I am humble grateful forever and ever!

How I live my faith

Life hit a reset button for me 2 years ago. It was different before. I have had many wonderful life experiences and opportunities for service and leadership. With my 6 sons I put in many hours in the Boy Scouts of America program with them. I am proud of my Eagle Scout sons! I participated in a variety of volunteer groups in the community such as C.E.R.T., the Arts Council, some political campaigns, and enjoyed going to Town Council meetings. I worked hard to make my home a bit of heaven on earth. When that reset button hit - bam! My world was rocked! Now I have had to learn to carry on and live my life without the physical presence of my son Samuel who was 16 at the time of his passing. Absolute faith has carried me through and brought me peace and comfort but the pain of separation will always be present. I am learning to live with this new reality. Everything I knew to be true was held to the fire. The searing hot burning fire of painful truth that this is not our real home - our heaven on earth - this is just the practice part - everything I knew before was shoved in my face and challenging me "ha! is it really true?" and I am pleased to say YES! it is really true! The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord! I re-put ALL my faith and trust in God and bowed to His hand and He has carried me through. The pain has not diminished, in fact, in some ways it is worse but God has blessed me to understand with all the fiber of my being that His hand IS in ALL things and I have felt God's love SO deeply and so real - it has given me so much peace and hope! I know my beloved Samuel is happy and working hard doing good things as he always did. He is a good boy. A valiant son of God. I live to help and serve those who suffer. To bring the light and truth of the Gospel message to their understanding, to help ease their burdens and the pain that comes from living this bitter sweet world.