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Hi I'm Dan

I grew up in a small town, I love the outdoors, and I have a serious sweet tooth. Oh and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a person that is easy to please. I am not picky about a lot of things. I like most music, love to play and watch sports, and enjoy spending time outdoors. My wife and I like to spend time camping, swimming outside, and riding atv's. I come from a large family and my wife and I are excited to someday have kids of our own. I currently have a bachelors degree and I work in the printing industry. I like to learn new things, which means I am reading books a lot, or always googling something. I consider myself very competitive which seems odd since I also think I am easy to please. My wife and I often have mini-bets over small things that we think we are right on .... sadly I lose most of these which is something we can always laugh about. I like going new places (don't we all) and the farthest I have been away from home is western Africa. Besides finding new places interesting and exciting I love the feeling of coming home after a trip and looking at my life from a renewed fresh perspective. I have no desires to be famous or well known but I do wish that I could do something big that would make an impact on society or the world around me. My mother is a very service oriented person and my father is an extremely hard worker. With all that I have learned from them, these are the two traits I would like to emulate the most.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been a Mormon my whole life. This does't mean that I have always had a strong belief in the Mormon church though. When I was a teenager I truly came to know that the teachings of the LDS church were true. In The Book of Mormon there is a section that implores everyone to ask God if what the book is teaching is true. One day I personally decided to do this as I felt like I did not know. I felt that the teachings of the church were good and that they would help me be a better person, but I didn't know if they were 100% what God wanted me to believe or do. So I decided that I would ask. I did ask and to my surprise nothing happened. So I continued to pray every day until one day as I was praying a very strong feeling came over me. I don't know how to describe it. All I can say is that I felt extremely happy and good inside. I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest. It was with this prayer that I knew that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was teaching me what God wanted to me to hear. I was being taught what God wanted me to do. I have looked back on that experience anytime I begin to doubt my religion. Remembering those feelings assures me that I am following the correct teachings of my Heavenly Father. That experience also taught me an important lesson. One I now know that my Father in Heaven will answer my prayers. Two I learned that sometimes he requires us to put in a little effort when we are asking him something, or asking for something. It seems like he is testing us to see if we really want to know, or how bad we really want what we are asking for. It was through this experience and through many others that I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is God's restored church from the time of Christ on the earth again today. I know that God and Jesus Christ live and love us. I know that God has a plan for us on this earth and that there is a purpose to this life. I also know that I can live with Him again.

How I live my faith

When it comes to my faith and religion I look at life through a very simple lens. It is either right or it is wrong. If it is right or good then I gravitate towards it. If it is wrong or bad then I do my best to stay away from it. My faith and religion play a huge role in my life. It is the reason why I try to be a better person each day. There is a good feeling that comes when you are trying to do what you know is right and make yourself a better person. I enjoy helping others whether it is helping to load a moving van or volunteering to help clean our local church building. The Savior Jesus Christ spent a lot of his life helping others and so I feel that I should do the same. I want to be the type of person that someone could always come ask for help, and I would be there to help. A memorable experience for my wife and I came when we were visiting a local town nearby. A teenage girl was having car trouble in the middle of the street and traffic was backed up. My wife and I decided to stop and help her push her vehicle out of traffic to the side of the road. It was determined that she was just out of gas, and so we went and got her a few gallons to get her car going. I could see the relief in her eyes once her car was out of the road and started again. She thanked us over and over and mentioned how she had called multiple people and no one had come. She had been sitting in her car and no one was stopping to help. She wanted us to know how thankful she was that we had stopped. You don't know how good this made me feel, to be able to help someone in need. I have found this out over and over in life, when we serve and help others we usually benefit more from it than the person we are helping.