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Hi I'm Sarah

I was raised in small town Montpelier Idaho. I love wearing pants. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to learn. After high school I moved to Provo so I could study Engineering. That winter my sister invited me to switch places with her in Switzerland. In my plan I wanted to finish school with a minor break to serve a mission, but with her encouragement I prayed. Little by little the spirit began to help me decide to go outside of my box of comfort. That peace I felt when I decided to leave was incredible, and my life began to fall into place. I signed up for a French class and bought my plane ticket, but once I got to Switzerland life didn't quite work out like I planned. I felt awkward and out of place. The only time I felt at home was when I was in church or helping the sister missionaries. The day I was going to buy my ticket home they told me about mini missions. I bought my ticket for a month later and I stayed to become Seur Daines until I my time was up and I had to come home. Before I anxiously awaited when I could finally come home, and now I only silently dreaded. At home I immediately began to work on my missionary papers. I moved to Salt Lake to find a job, and once again all the pieces fell into place. I came home for my farewell, to help at girls camp, and maybe a little packing ;) I am now at the MTC learning spanish. I have met people put in my path to help me learn and grow for the next 1.5 years of my life. Provo, Switzerland, and girls camp have all been training grounds. I can't wait to find out what my Heavenly Father has planned for me next!

Why I am a Mormon

While it is true that I was born and raised in this church. I have my own conversion where I decided that this church was true. It didn't come all at once. I remember beginning to question and act differently then what I had been taught, but mostly I lived my beliefs out of habit. I was troubled with my family life and trying to come up with some solid reason for either the church being true or moving on with something better. I liked the idea of slowly leaving the church after high school so my Mom didn't freak out. Right now I'm really glad I didn't because the summer between middle school and high school I attended a week devoted to youth. At the end of this week they set aside time for anyone to get up and share their feelings about the week and what they believe in the gospel. One person in particular asked us to stop for a moment and think about how we are feeling. For me it was a warm fuzzy feeling that centered in my midsection, almost like a thousand good hugs all at once. A light bulb went on that day as I realized that I was feeling the Holy Ghost. If the Holy Ghost was true, which at that moment I knew he was, then the things which he was testifying to me were also true. Piece by piece I was relearning the gospel, only this time I was learning them with the Holy Ghost as my teacher. The Holy Ghost testified again and again of the power of the atonement, of the sacred sealing powers in the temple, of priesthood power, and the Book of Mormon. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and has a plan for me. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and Thomas S. Monson is a prophet. The lessons go on, but truth be told you need to stop and think about how YOU are feeling. Do you feel warm inside? Do you want to know more? Read the Book of Mormon, I dare you. Talk to the missionaries, I dare you. Find out for yourself what has made me so happy that I want to change and become better.

How I live my faith

One of my favorite places to serve is with the youth. There is so much pressure put on them to be popular and fit in with the crowd. Our beliefs and the world's beliefs on clothing, food, and even dating having grown further and further apart. It is now that they have to decide what that means to them. How are they going to react when their "friends" invite them try this or that? I can't make those decisions for them, in fact I wish I could change some of my own decisions from this time in my own life, but I can share with them my mistakes and how I learned from them. I can tell them what I believe and why. I can give them a perspective of life after high school drama and childhood crushes. But it is not only for the lessons that I feel I can teach them, but also for the lessons they can teach me, of selfless love and devotion, pure faith, unexpected knowledge, service, kindness, happiness, peace... I want to be like them and I love spending all the time with them that I can.