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Hi I'm Crystal Anne

I am a compilation of all the good I have ever known--Influenced by warmth, and light. I am a mother and I am a friend.

About Me

I have suffered and am rising above loved ones addictions. I have overcome struggles of my own. I am a mother. I am a photographer. I am artistic & love color & contrast, texture, lines. I have grown from my trials in life. I love new life. Babies. Flowers. New Seasons. I love to travel and stir up my cultural senses, to feel "lost" in a crowd of unknowns. I feel love easily. I give love freely. I have gratitude. I am human. I cry, I burst into loud laughter, I panic, I worry & fear, I choose, I act, and then I remind myself to STOP and enjoy. I love earth in my hands. I love to work HARD, especially alongside a friend. I run. I walk and think. I like to try new foods. I teach young girls a better way to live. My soul thrives on light and life. I am a friend to all. I love the acoustic guitar, but do not play. I am never forgotten. For all of you out there who are in a dark place because your spouse or loved one is abusing drugs, I understand you. I once felt so alone. There are thousands of us. I am praying for you! Keep your inner self alive, even if by a thread. You are not dead. Pray for miracles and then sit back and watch them unfold. You are beautiful and God is proud of all that you are doing. Adding GOODNESS to the world is not to be unnumbered. You are making a difference. "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass." (Alma 37:6) If you haven't read the Book of Mormon yet, you should, it will CHANGE your LIFE.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Most parents would be thrilled to know that we teach our youth to abstain from drugs & alcohol, and that we encourage them to plan against premarital sex. We build them up to believe that they are of Divine Worth. We encourage unity and love, and support them in learning from unwise decisions. I was raised in such a way. Still, one must always gain personal witness of the truth from ideas in which they were taught. I always knew of the truth, but strayed from several of the LDS teachings. From this experience I found myself in a dark place, wondering how to RISE UP. This is where I learned that Christ is always there, his hand is always stretched out towards us, inviting us to "COME UNTO HIM." I decided to add the teachings of the Savior and of my church into my life, to experiment upon the word. I learned to add goodness to my life, " line upon line, precept upon precept (2 Nephi 28:30). The Lord commands us to be perfect, because if he didn't we wouldn't need a Savior and thus we could never return to live with Him again. Although he teaches perfection, he doesn't expect instant results. He teaches us line upon line, and we give each new concept our all. I did this in experimenting upon His word. Sometimes in a race you feel as though you haven't made any headway, until you look behind you to see the distance you've traveled. Based on where I was during that dark time in my life, I can now look back and not even recognize that woman. I am grateful that in my reaching, I found my Savior, and his goodness and mercy and perfect love. He wants me to succeed. I believe HIM. I am of Divine Worth. Believing in the Savior is the first step, Believing the Savior is the next step. I am important, and loved. Only I can do my mission on this Earth. Jesus Christ taught this, and I believe it. I BELIEVE. I believe in you too.

How I live my faith

I am finding me. What I have learned thus far, is that I love the small and somewhat far between gifts in life.... like appreciation or adoration from my children or loved ones. The other day I stepped off an airplane, and the man with whom I had chatted, turned to me and said, "you are the nicest person I have ever met." That in a nut shell, is who I want to be. Thank you. It is not chance that we as people cross paths, or that we are born into families. We are entitled to this experience called LIFE, and all that comes with it, the good the bad and the ugly. Family life is meant to increase our understanding, patience, tolerance, and joy. It is not a cake walk (but when it's sweet, eat up!). My personal life bleeds into my family environment--and based on the choices I make, that adds beauty or stain. I know that there is a supreme being. I know that He has a Son, and a family, just like me. There has always been life before, as there will always be. And the opportunity for life from each creation (great and small) is multiplied. One apple can produce several new trees, which in turn produces an incredible amount of fruit, which in turn supplies an innumerable amount seeds....worlds without end. My children are the fruits of my labors, and they in turn give back to me as nature gives back to mother earth. We are all connected. I find my greatest moments of pleasure stopping to LOOK. Watching, really watching my children. Holding, really holding my children. Soaking up the warm evening light. Listening and learning from those around me. Appreciating them for what they add to my life, beauty and new perspective. I live a life of FAITH. I have new knowledge added to my character daily. I am a compilation of all good that surrounds me. I am a Daughter of God.