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Hi I'm Karly

I grew up in Oregon among black berry bushels and cats. I'm a sister. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a simpleton really. I'm a student who just graduated with a BS in Behavioral Science (ya know, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Business and Economics all rolled into one mentally messy degree). I'm a poet too! Planning for more school in the Creative Writing department. But mostly I'm a sister, daughter and friend. Oh, and the mother to two angelic yet devilish puppies!

Why I am a Mormon

My story is not grandiose or thrilling or comical, my story is sticky and fondly mediocre but it is mine—a possession I give thanks for. I grew up in a home my parents boldly created, full of soft moss, shaving cream parties, and imagination beyond that in the book, Bridge to Terabithia. Peder, my brother, and I strolled our small “dead-end” neighborhood as pirates or wizards or firefighters. We were fiction buddies and best friends. Peder loved God, I loved Peder therefore I loved God. Peder would talk about God as often as most people converse about the weather. Peder made our Savior and Father my friends. Our Savior has never been unknowable or untouchable; I grew up with Him right next to me. Fast forward to high school. After seven years of separation, my parent’s divorce finalized (this is the sticky part). My life became careful and full of tension. I would pray that my little brother’s ears would be closed to the sounds of my parents heated arguments. I would pray that my mother’s heart could feel my heart loving her. I would pray for Peder in Mexico for safety and I would ask for his spiritual strength. I would pray and pray and pray and pray and during these prayers I began to hear God for the first time. His words would crawl into my mind as I obsessively prayed each night. I began to learn how to open a space for Him and only Him to communicate with me. I would think of a white room and place myself inside waiting for his words to appear. Heavenly words of peace soothed my trembling body when moments of helplessness over took me. Later on I learned how to counsel with Him. Now after my prayers end I ponder and listen and at times I accomplish a dialogue with Him. I am a Mormon because I believe God still talks to us (His children) today. I believe President Monson gets live, real time, modern revelation for men and women on this Earth. And I believe in a personal relationship with God.

How I live my faith

Living is hard. But living with faith makes the Earth greener and sweeter. I am the classic worry-wort (an ugly image if you think about it). I worry about the usual unchangeable notions: the future, love, and the future some more. Yet living spiritually eases and pushes aside fear. A wise man named Dieter F. Uchtdorf once said, "Your spirit body is a masterpiece, created with the beauty, function and capacity beyond imagination." Lovely words aren't they? If we have bodies and we have spirit bodies that means there are two distinct parts to us. Day to day we tend and care for the physical section often leaving the spiritual piece of us withering and gasping for air. But if we take Uchtdorf's words as truth then our spiritual bodies are masterpieces and can become powerful. When I think of power I think of Aslan, the lion from the Narnia series, complete with Liam Neeson's voice. I want my spirit to be Aslan powerful and shine through my physical body. So how do I live my faith and tend for my spirituality? I read. I treasure words like I treasure chocolate cheesecake, so reading words from modern and ancient prophets excites my mind and spirit. Read the words of our Savior, the New Testament is full of testimonies to absorb. And if you dare, read the Book of Mormon and pray about it's truthfulness. I dare you to! And once you're done with that one (my favorite book) look up talks from modern prophets and apostles. Joseph Smith Jr., Gordon B. Hinckley, Neil A. Maxwell, Jeffery R. Holland, Brigham Young, David A. Bednar and Henry B. Eyring are some of my favorites. And if you really want to tickle your spirit pray to God like He is your father and friend.