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Hi I'm Elder Pule

I live in beautiful New Zealand and I'm a Mormon:)

About Me

I'm a convert to the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, I'm 21 old serving a full time mission in Pennsylvania Philadelphia:) . I love sports and fitness and hope to own a gym one day

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up as a young lad in humble circumstances my grandfather would always teach and talk to me about prophets in the holy bible and in these stories he would tell me about prophets of old like Moses and Noah who saved people I had always wondered why in these times of struggle god would not give us a prophet to guide us through, As a child I had only one friend who was a Mormon his name was Enos, me and Enos were close friends and I always knew there was something different to him a the way he lived his life, years passed and one day in high school during maths class a religious debate started amongst the class members and I wasn't the most religious person but I had always been taught that the Mormon church was false so me and Enos went at it debating about what church was true or false this carried on for weeks in our maths class until one day Enos bought a book of Mormon to class and handed it to me saying "read it and pray if it was true" I wasn't really interested in taking the book at the time but out of respect I took the book home and hadn't touched it for a couple of days until I saw one day on my dressing table I decided to have a quick glance at it, Though I didn't understand much about the contents I had a weird feeling about it so the next day I got Enos to explain what the book of Mormon was and where was it from he told me about a boy by the name of joseph smith been called as a prophet, This was very exciting to hear that there might be a prophet on the earth today, weeks later I seen two missionaries across the street from where I had rugby training so I ran up to them with so much excitement one of the elders must've thought I was chasing them cause he started running from me lol I shouted out NO I want to learn about your church so they stopped and we set up an appointment. weeks later I was baptised I cant explain the feelings I had but I know that the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is the true church on this vineyard.

How I live my faith

I am serving a mission because I know this is true and it can bless people's live extremely. I love serving people and my mission has given me countless experiences with serving:)

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Elder Pule
we do not worship Joseph smith we acknowledge him in playing a big part of bringing to pass heavenly fathers plans for us his children. As a 14 year old boy he like many of us youth today wonder which church is true with so many churches established here on the earth and more being built it is easy to be confused and what Joseph done was to go into the wilderness one day and bowed down before his maker and prayed for the answer of which church is true and which faith he should join, During his humble prayer he saw a piller of light in which he saw two personages standing in the air before him was heavenly father in the flesh and his only begotten son Jesus Christ and there they told him to not join any of the faiths there but to restore and establish Christs church again here on the earth. Having done so Joesph answered the call to be a prophet who translated ancient scripture in where we have the book of Mormon Joesph was battered and bruised for what he knew was true, His whole life was endless trials and torment but through heavenly father he accomplished all that he came to earth to do even to lay his life down for the gospel of Jesus Christ, Hearing this as a 16 year old boy it felt crazy but i bear witness that i have prayed if Joseph was a prophet and through the holy ghost it has manifested it me and pierced my heart I have so much love and respect for all that he was and I cant wait to thank him personally. Show more Show less