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Hi I'm Alyssa

I'm a mom of 4 cute kids. My husband and I love training for Triathlons together. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My parents divorced after 10 years of my dad being openly unfaithful when I was 3 years old. Although growing up in a split family is hard, I was lucky to have several wonderful friends and family members that helped me grow up with a healthy outlook on life and marriage. I was lucky enough to marry the boy I had a crush on all through high school just 6 weeks after he finished a mission to Brazil! We've been married for 8 years now and have 4 super cute kids! I love being their mom! They help my husband and I stay on track with our goals and standards! Last year my husband decided to return to school to get his MBA. It's so exciting for us to dream of our new future with all the great opportunities that lie ahead! I decided that I'd like to continue learning as well, so I started learning to be a piano technician and tune pianos. It's challenging, but each time I want to quit, my wonderful husband pushes and encourages me, saying that anything worth achieving is hard. Following that motto we both work towards other hard things, like training for Ironman triathlon races, memorizing things, and reading good books together.

Why I am a Mormon

My religion is pretty much my whole life! It affects every decision I make, gives me a direction to head, comforts me in times of trial, gives me answers to hard questions, and purpose to living. Although I was born into this church, along the way I still had to develop my own testimony and make up my own mind on whether or not I wanted to continue going to church and how much I wanted to participate in it. At first I believed because it just felt right and made sense. It was easy for me to believe, almost like it was something I already knew deep down inside of me that I was remembering. There have been times when my faith has been challenged and I've had to reaffirm if it's what I really believed or not. Each time though, I knew what my decision would end up being even before I began to pray. I just know it's true. I could try to lie to myself or perhaps just avoid praying and try to ignore everything I feel deep down. But I know I would never really be successful. I know this is Jesus' restored church again on the earth. I know that God knows that I know, so I really just can't deny it. But it's not hard. And I don't want to deny it. I know that everything about this religion makes my life easier, happier and worth living.

How I live my faith

Much of my time I spend in church service. We don't get paid for volunteering our time, but I do it anyway because it helps me develop and grow, I get satisfaction and joy out of helping others and I feel it is the least I can do to help repay my Savior for all He has done for me. My first "calling" or job I had in church was being a leader in my youth group as a teenager. I served as secretary and then president. Being involved was so good for my confidence and activity level. As I grew I became a Sunday school teacher for the 3-4 year old kids. They were so cute and again I grew in confidence and testimony. I love how in this church callings or jobs change so frequently. They always fit perfectly with who I am at the moment and how my Father in Heaven knows I need to grow. Each new job challenges me and stretches me into the person I can become. Other jobs I've had were doing a week day activity twice a month with the 8-12 year old girls, teaching Sunday school to different ages of Primary kids, teaching Sunday school to the adults (a very scary and humbling job!), being secretary of the adult women's organization, being president of the entire primary organization (all programs for kids 18 months to 12 years old), and currently being a youth leader over the girls 16-18 years old. I teach them lessons on Sundays (or rather lead discussions- they're so involved and really end up teaching each other most weeks) and also organize mid-week activities, camps and occasional dances. I love all of my callings and am excited for what may lie ahead in my future. I know for a surety that callings come from the Lord. I learned this while being the president over the primary where I prayed for guidance on choosing who to have serve as teachers. I received definite inspiration each time. I know that God is in charge of this church.