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Hi I'm KaChele

I love to learn, read, and face challenges. I'm studying to be a secondary math teacher and love teaching! I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I am going to college studying to teach math in high school. I have always loved helping others make sense of something so foreign. I enjoy playing golf and volleyball as well as watching practically any other sport. I love being outside in nature hiking and observing the natural bounty around us. I enjoy taking pictures and if I were a photographer I would have to take pictures of the sky because it never ceases to amaze me. I like to bake and cook making delicious food for others to appreciate. I am the second oldest of four children and daughter to two wonderful parents who have done an excellent job of teaching me well. Although my siblings and I don't always get along we enjoy sitting together on the porch as a family and watching a rainstorm or all pile on the same over-sized chair burying my mother! I have been part of many different leadership groups and have loved sharing what talents I might have with others! My "Ikigai" or reason for living as the Japanese say is to learn, love, and teach, being each day better than I was.

Why I am a Mormon

Yes I was born into the church and my parents have been strong members as long as I know, but that is not why I am a member of the church. It may be why and how I was introduced to it, but like all things in the church we have a choice and I made mine to continue to follow Christ! I generally enjoyed going to church when I was younger and was always taught the proper reason for going because it is what our loving Heavenly Father would have us do on the path to return to him. As I grew older I began to realize that I couldn't go on forever on what my parents said, I had to learn for myself if this is what I wanted and what was right. So I read the Book of Mormon... again. And this time really tried to pay a bit more attention and when I was done I did just as it says, I asked of God to know if all these things were true and if the boy prophet Joseph Smith did restore the true church. Although I didn't get a huge answer, my answer was simple and testified to me. It was this, "You already know" And I did. I felt that I did know through all I had been taught I had learned that the message and joy of the gospel and the knowledge that Christ had been sent to earth to live and die for us and take upon him all the sins and pain of the world was true! And what joy that brought to me to know that as I remain faithful and do as I have been asked the Lord will always be at my side to comfort me and help me. And from that point on I have constantly asked for reaffirmation of the truthfulness of prophets and divine command, and every time I feel a calm peace that for myself I know. I know that as I have adhered to the principles taught within the church I've been much more happy than I have when I have chosen to deviate in whatever degree from those teachings. True happiness is found in eternal families and the doctrines restored to man found only in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'm a Mormon because I know it is true and in it I find true happiness.

How I live my faith

I live my faith first and foremost by striving each day to be an example as I live the teachings of the church-kindness and charity towards others, abstaining from unwholesome entertainment, studying the words of our current leaders and teachers, and so much more! I currently have been called to serve a mission in Tallahassee Florida and am working on preparing myself for the great people that I already love and will be serving soon! I also teach the youth who are aged 13/14 which has been a challenge but I love it! I get to talk to them in a way that I hope they can relate to and it is helping me learn how to teach to a variety of individuals that come from various backgrounds and hopefully we can all come together with a common goal of obeying the standards of the church and working towards all that is promised to us as we remain faithful in the church! I have also enjoyed being part of several institute classes including working the sweet spirits with special needs. I have learned so much as I was able to sit in class with them. But mostly I just live worthily and as an example that hopefully others are able to feel good around and not hesitate to ask me questions about why I am the way that I am!

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Yes, with all of my heart I believe that the Lord is running His Church on the earth the same as He always has, through divine revelation given to a living prophet who has been set apart and given the keys of the priesthood in order to properly lead God's children back to His presence! Show more Show less