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Hi I'm Adeline

Hola!!! I'm Adeline and I was born & grew up in France surrounded by gorgeous castles, rivers & forests of la Touraine.

About Me

I am a funny dudette! my friends would say. I do like to be silly at times. BTW, I don't understand parents, they say that their kids give them headaches, for me, kids help me get rid of my headaches :) I wonder what type of kid I am for my Father up there, I'm probably the 1 giving him headaches, nay, I can't be that bad! I love outdoors, dancing, cooking, the accordion, guitar... When I was about 5 years old I already knew what I wanted to become. However, life circumstances and amazing opportunities brought me on a slow paced path to reach my childhood dream. I'll eventually get there, in the right time and at the right place. I'm passionate about fabrics and related things, addicted to sewing but I hate fashion! Go figure it out... since I have designed a line of clothing that I presented at a B.Y.U. fashion show this year (2013). Okay, what I hate about fashion is that it is telling to people and especially to young ladies what to wear to help them fit in society, and women go crazy after it. They think they have to wear the last trend, otherwise they won't feel/be accepted by their peers or even society in general. Some of them think they have to look like Hollywood stars. They are right in some ways, society is made up that way, and I openly disagree with it. Woman's beauty is hidden deep inside, it can never be represented on the outside, the outside can only make others believe... thus, others got to be a bit smarter to really see what kind of star you really are.

Why I am a Mormon

This section of my life is very dear to me. I remember being at my aunt's place in the middle of nowhere in the beautiful mountains of Auvergne in France, I was only a kid and I was wondering if God existed and I talked to Him... I think I could already feel His love but I thought I was a little silly... maybe there was no God at all... how could I ever know? I grew up and continued to ponder. Until one day I had a vision... I was 18. A few months later I found myself in a class studying what I loved most, embroidery. I had to make 3 works of art related to a common theme. I had chosen my theme to be Energy. My concept was that natural energy has being used by the energy of the human being to transform it to its personal needs. You may wonder how I could translate this concept into embroidery, haha... This was the time I studied about the theory of the big bang and I was pondering harder than ever about who God was. The answer was so close to me, I had no clue. One of my classmate knew the truth. She had the "key" of the knowledge I was seeking. How grateful I am for the way she and her family shared the gospel with me, simply with love and tender care... everything was perfect! I am not exaggerating! It moves me each time I think about it. When I got baptized I thought that the LDS members were perfect but I soon realized that they were not. That is to say that this Tahitian family were very inspired to bring me into higher understandings of life. The big bang had a new meaning to me, a big huge bang of Love and tender mercy of a perfect Father that knew better than myself who I really was, even before I was born... I thus studied the creations of God as I was embroidering them, the man and his intelligence, the earth, the natural energy resources, and them transformed... I enjoyed my work, He blessed me til the end of each of my fingers until today and forever. I know He gave me these talents (sewing and designing too) to serve others and I find joy in it.

How I live my faith

I believe that everybody living in any country around the world should have the same right to live a decent life. This is unfortunately not the case. If I could make a change, which is one of my goals, I would/will help people that have dreams but no means to reach them. Dreams that are in my range, so you've probably got what it is by now ;) I joined the LDS church when I was 21. Then, I served a mission in Tahiti a year 1/2 later. The thing that I love most doing today (more than making clothing) is sharing the truth, and the love of God for you. I enjoy nurturing my relationship with Him and my Savior Jesus-Christ. What an indescribable blessing it is to feel of their love for me and others! I am grateful for the knowledge I have that this life is nothing compared to eternity and that I'd better shape myself up right now since eternity depends on it :) I strive to do so by being open enough so that life's trials remind me of the importance of my daily duties such as praying and studying my scriptures. I do feel lost if I don't keep that up. My mission among the Tahitian people has helped me understand that once we are in the church, it's better not to step out of it. My education at Brigham Young University brought me other important understandings I would have never gotten by any other ways. I studied Family Life Science thinking that I would never ever get my degree, so I took all classes possible related to sewing and such... and finally I was forced to get my Bachelors, lol. But the families and dear friends I was blessed to live or hang with while being there is what brought me the sweetest experiences of my stay there. The Lord definitely knew what He was doing through them to make me a stronger member of His church. In the same time, I got to refine my talents at www.aveniabridal.com and another wedding gown store where I had the privilege to be part of the unique moment of a bride's life. As you can see I have a good spiritual life. It's important to me.

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

A long time ago, a time that we do not remember, a time before we were born, we were then all together with God who had shown us that we had to come to earth if we wanted to become like Him, meaning that we would become perfect just like He is. The only way was to come to earth, have a body and live experiences of joy and hardship. The ultimate goal was to return to Him forever, with our family. Since we cannot go back to Him because of our imperfections we needed a mediator that would be perfect like Jesus-Christ. Jesus-Christ's ministry on earth was successful which allows us now to return to Him and our Father in Heaven on condition of repentance. While we do have to do our part to deserve living with God for eternity and becoming like He is (repentance and living the commandments that God has given us), only a perfect Savior could make it finally possible because He, Jesus-Christ, is perfect and we are not. Show more Show less