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Hi I'm Airyn!

I'm a singer. I'm a dreamer. I love life. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I live in a small farm town in Iowa. My mom and I moved here from Utah after my parents divorced. In towns like these, everyone expects you to grow up to be a farmer or a nurse. Me? I broke that unspoken rule! All I've ever wanted to do was sing. When I was fifteen I wrote my first song. It was a way for me to express feelings that words just couldn't describe. I always wanted a relationship with my biological father. Writing that first song helped me coop with knowing that the relationship I'd always hoped for with my dad would probably never develop. After that, the songs just kept coming. I wrote when I was mad. I wrote when I was happy. I wrote when I was lonely. My mom is my biggest fan! She got me lined up with a recording studio and before I knew it, I was chasing a dream that's been mine my whole life! I got bullied a lot at school for following my heart. People even called my parents crazy for supporting me! School got so terrible for me we ended up moving. I struggled with depression after that, and even contemplated taking my life.Through prayer, scripture study, church attendance and obeying God's commandments, I made it through! My faith in Christ carried me through my depression and continues to guide me today. My faith made me a survivor! In life,we all will run into people who don't believe in us.That much is inevitable. What we CAN control, is how we react. We can chose to keep our heads high and believe in ourselves! Keep fighting! It really does get better!

Why I am a Mormon

The gospel truly came at the perfect time of my life. I was at the height of my depression. I needed friends I could rely on, and more than anything, I needed God in my life. The few friends I was able to retain while recording my first CD had completely different standards than what my mom taught me to keep. It really made me sad because these were girls who once had the same strong values as me. One day I was venting my frustrations to my voice coach, who is a Mormon who invited me to a Young Women's activity one night. I LOVED it! Everyone was so friendly! They seemed so happy and at peace with their lives. Right then and there I decided I needed to find out what made them so happy.So the missionaries taught me more. The lessons just made so much sense. It confirmed what I already knew as truth and shed extra light on some areas that were left grey. They invited me to read the Book of Mormon. I felt a warm fuzzy feeling as soon as I opened it up. I did what they challenged me to do and asked God if it was true. As soon as the question left my lips, I felt a quiet peace. That is how I know the Book of Mormon is true. I was privileged to gain my testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith while learning about him in Nauvoo, Illinois. The Spirit I have felt there is undeniable. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet, and because of those two truths, I know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church.

How I live my faith

I am a Sunday school teacher for the five and six year olds. I love teaching those kids! Its so rewarding having my class leave church knowing more about Jesus Christ, and knowing that I was able to be part of their spiritual growth. I absolutely love the members of my church! We all are like one big family. If you are sick, moving or just need some company, a team of members will be at your door with a casserole ready to serve. Service is really what holds our church together since none of the teachers get paid. We teach because we love it and we want to serve the people we are teaching!

How is the Book of Mormon different from the Bible? How did Joseph Smith obtain the “golden plates” or Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is different from the Bible because it takes place in the Americas. It is a record of prophets and their teachings of Christ, much like the Bible. This book of scripture has been handed down for hundreds of years until it fell into the hands of the prophet Mormon. Its called the Book of Mormon because this prophet took all the records, choose the very best parts and put them all together into one. Later, his son Moroni, burried them in a hill where Joseph Smith was lead to obtain them hundreds of years later. He translated them to English by the power of the Priesthood. The Bible and the Book of Mormon complement eachother. They go hand in hand. One cannot fully understand one without reading the other. I know that the Book of Mormon contains pure divine truths that have been lost or distorted from the Bible and that it has been written by prophets to help us in our day! It has helped me recieve more peace and joy in my life! Show more Show less