What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Ray

I genuinely love getting to know people and learning from their stories. You are my brother or sister and I love you!

About Me

I grew up in Idaho, but always wanted to get out of our little town and live in the big city. So once I graduated high school I jumped on the opportunity to move out to Pennsylvania to live with my aunt. I fell in love with the east coast and fully expected to live out my days there. I served a mission for the Church and returned to Pennsylvania where I met and married the love of my life. Since then we have lived all over the country, but mostly in the southeast. Last year we returned to Utah where much of our family lives and we will probably stay because family is most important to us. We have three kids who are the joy of our lives. I very much enjoy exploring in all of its facets, but especially the outdoors. This passion leads me to enjoy trail running, mountain biking, riding atvs and dirt bikes, off-roading, geology, spelunking, hiking, etc. Exploration doesn't start or end outdoors, though, I like to read and learn about all kinds of subjects. After high school I learned that history is interesting: who'd have thunk! I am also motivated to learn from everyone I meet because of this desire to explore and learn. I believe everyone knows more about something than I do. We have all been through different experiences in our lives and you know more about yours than I do and I hope I can be humble enough to be taught by you. You are my brother or sister (whichever applies to you) so we are here together to make it through the trials and joys of this life!

Why I am a Mormon

This is kind of a funny question to answer because I was born and raised in this church. My mom's family have been members for generations and my dad is a first-generation member of our church. I didn't fully choose to be a member of the church until I was a teenager and only recently has the strength of my faith been deepened to a point that you could call a true conversion to the whole gospel of Jesus Christ. I served a mission for the church when I was nineteen but wasn't as faithful or diligent as I should have been. I enjoyed being in a foreign country and looking at the girls than I did preaching the gospel and serving the Lord (which was the reason I was there in the first place). Since then I have spent much time regretting my lack of diligence and focus. Many of the members of our church who have been missionaries describe that time as the "best two years of their lives." It never was for me. But I can point to it as a turning point in my life. It is because of that time wasted when I should have been serving selflessly that I have worked so hard to make up for who I could have become then. Now the reason I stay a member of the church is because I have learned who I am and who you are. The Spirit of God has given me a conviction so deeply rooted and intertwined in every physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fiber in my body that I could never deny the truths I learn through the Holy Scriptures and from the prophets on the earth today. The truth of our existence on earth began before we were born and will continue after we die. YOU are MY brother or sister and if I truly love you, my deepest desires are that you will be able to return to our Father's presence to dwell for eternity and if I'm lucky, I can be there with you. I love you and I hope that I can be of some service to you and add to your faith (or maybe plant that seed for the first time) so that you can participate in the incredible joy offered to you by your Father in Heaven!

How I live my faith

I have served in many capacities in our church where I have been blessed by the examples of children and adults alike. I have most recently learned that it is through the small, simple actions of each day that we emulate the life of our Savior Jesus Christ. These are also the acts that have blessed my life more than anything else. I may never be a famous or well-known civic or religious leader, but I can be a superhero in my home. I believe that I can raise children who will be the responsible leaders of tomorrow. In our home we make a habit of studying the scriptures and praying together at least a couple times a day. We pray for and seek out opportunities to serve our neighbors, friends, family, and strangers. We try to choose good media to listen to, watch, and participate in so that the Spirit of the Lord can always be in our home. Our hope is that through the simple actions we take each day, we can grow closer to becoming the children our Heavenly Father expects us to be. I know perfection is impossible in this life so we just work at serving and loving everyone in hopes that someday we will be worthy to worship God in his presence.