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Hi I'm Alex

I'm an aspiring music educator from Southern Utah. I'm a husband and new father. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a happiness junkie. I love the way that life is just so full of opportunities to be happy! Everything from the sun and the clouds in the sky to the smell of fresh bread just fills me up with joy. There is perhaps nothing outside of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, however, that gives me more happiness than music. Music is a huge part of my life. In fact, it's how I met my lovely wife, so that makes it all the more sweet to me! I am studying to be a middle school band and choir teacher, and I absolutely love it! I feel so blessed to have been given such talents from the Lord. My wife and I just recently welcomed a daughter into our home, and I couldn't be more grateful and humbled. I find immense joy and satisfaction in the little things-diaper changes, burps and yawns, little giggles and smiles. My daughter has helped me realize just how blessed I am and how many wonderful things there are around me. There is nothing more precious to me than my family. I also just love being outdoors. My wife and I often go hiking in the beautiful areas surrounding us, and there are few things better than a day spent on the mountain. I love camping, tennis, basketball, volleyball, running, taking pictures of the sky, and cooking! Basically, I just love life!

Why I am a Mormon

Although I've been a member of the church my whole life, I haven't always been totally sure that it was true. I, like everyone, had to find out for myself. I read the Book of Mormon and prayed to know of its truthfulness, but I didn't feel the strong witness of the Spirit that members of our church often refer to. I was a bit confused by this, and wasn't as happy as I thought I should be. In John 7:17 it says, "If any man shall do his will, he shall know of the doctrine." I was really impressed by this teaching, and I realized that I hadn't been living the teachings of Christ as fully as I might have. At that time, my life was not where I wanted it to be, so I resolved to repent. Eventually, I came to feel that my sins had been forgiven, and this witness was strong, beyond anything that is in my power to describe. With it came a knowledge that this church and it's teachings were true. What once was filled with misery and guilt was swept up in happiness and comfort. I came to know the power of the Atonement of Christ, and I have been grateful for it ever since. THAT is why I am a Mormon. I "did His will" and now I "know of the doctrine." Every time I keep the commandments, I receive the promised blessings. And you know what? I am so happy! I never even dreamed that I could be this happy. I know that Jesus Christ lived to give me an example to follow, suffered and died to take away my sins, and rose again that I might have a chance to inherit Eternal Life. How grateful I am!

How I live my faith

I have the wonderful opportunity to serve my fellow brothers and sisters by serving as part of the lay ministry. I lead an organization of men in our local congregation. My responsibilities include teaching lessons, giving service, organizing and maintaining our Home Teaching program (a program through which all of the members of our congregation are visited by a pair of priesthood holders every month), and coordinating with the other members of the ministry. All of this is done of my own free will. I receive no monetary compensation for my service in the church. I also just try my hardest to apply the teachings of Christ in everyday life. He is the perfect example, and I strive to be like Him. He teaches us patience, humility, love, devotion, constancy, honesty. It's my goal everyday to try to act as He would, even when it's not convenient, and I love to do random acts of service for people. In addition, I read the scriptures and pray every day so that I can learn more of Christ. My wife and I also read from the scriptures and pray together every day. Every Monday evening, we spend a little extra time studying the Gospel and strengthening our marriage. We also make weekly trips to worship at a nearby temple, which gives us a lot of strength to cope with the challenges of life.

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

Serving each other is one of the ways that we worship and serve Jesus Christ. When the Savior was on the earth, he taught that "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." The Lord needs the talents and abilities of all of the members, however great or small, to help build His Kingdom. Members have the opportunity to use the talents that the Lord has given them to help each other to do a variety of things like teaching, administrative duties, leading youth organizations, even providing music for worship services. We also believe in continuing revelation, and the Lord directs members in their congregational service through revelation. A bishop or branch president seeks divine guidance to extend calls to serve in different positions. These callings aren't permanent, so any given member may have the opportunity to serve in a great variety of positions in the church, including as bishop or branch president! I for one am grateful that the Lord gives me the opportunity to serve in the church without receiving monetary compensation. It helps me feel like a much more active part of His Gospel, and it makes worshipping more meaningful to me. Teaching encourages me to study the scriptures more, and serving as a leader encourages me to develop more Christ-like qualities such as patience, love for my brothers and sisters, and compassion. I am blessed by the opportunity to serve! Show more Show less