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Hi I'm Ty Donald Miller

I grew up in Utah. I am currently serving a mission in the California Irvine, Mission. I love to serve. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Ty Miller. I am 20 is years old and I am serving a mission in the California, Irvine Mission. Some things about me is that I love to read. You give me a good book and I will read it. I also love anything that deals with Nature. Camping is one of my hobbies and when I go camping I really love to go exploring and see the beauty around me. Another thing I really enjoy doing is sports. I don't really have a favorite sport as I have tried most of them and love to play all of them. I also love to watch sports. If there is a sports game on I am watching it or checking up on the scores if I miss the game. My favorite sports to watch are hockey, basketball and football. Some people would actaully come to me t o get the scores and the low-down of what was happening in these sports. Most of all though I love sharing what I have learned in life with others. I also love to hear others stories so that I can apply to my life and be strengthend. I also love using my imagination and makeing things up I guess is the best way to put it. That is probably why I want to be an author. To close I am also a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I was actaully born into the church but this has had very little to do with why I am a Mormon. The best way I answer this question is by saying because I have seen how much happier and how much more guideance I have had in my life by being one. Let me explain just a little bit. There was a time in my life when I was a little lost as to what my purpose was in life. As I said I have been a member all of my life but I was truly converted until I was about 18 years old. I was a little confused on how the church could really help me in my life. For about 5 years I just went through the motions of going to church, studying the scriptures, and praying and not really putting in meaning into any of it. This years was the years when I was 13-18. I had a lot of good friends though that kept encouraging me to do my best and to dive deeper into the gospel than I was. I also have a wonderful family who kept encouraging me and supporting me in all that I did. In this time period I found out that when I did truly study my scriptures and go to church and pray with sincerety that I was having a happier life then I was when I wasn't doing these things. I also found out that when I wasn't trying to do everything and go through life on my own that i was able to make better decisions then I was and live a fuller life. Not that I was make any really bad decisions but that I could make better decisions than I was. So after I graduated High School I thought about what I wanted to do and decided to serve a mission. In my whole life I never did more studying and truly applying the gospel in my life then I did at that point. I truly wanted to serve a mission but I came to the relization that in order to do so I had to come closer to Christ. So I put in all the effort and found out this gospel was true for myself. So to close this up I am a Mormon because the gospel helps guide me and helps me see my full potential and I want to help others to see this as well.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying my best everyday to come closer to Jesus Christ and His teachings. Everyday I study and obtain the knowledge I need to strengthen myself in the gospel to where I can fulfill my calling to share the gospel with all that I meet and help them see how this gospel will help bring them closer unto Christ and help them also have a happier life. Some ways that I have done this is by fulfilling the positions, or callings, that I have been called to do. Some of those callings have been a home teacher, a councilor in the priest quorum, and a councilor in the teachers quorum. This positions have helped me to find our what I can do and how I can help everyone and grow in my own understanding as well. At this point in time I am called to be a full time missionary in the California, Irvine Mission. What this means is that everyday I study and improve myself in the gospel to where I can go out and teach and share this gospel to all those that don't know about it or want to know more about what we believe in this church. I give everyone the opportunity to learn more about how they can come closer unto Christ and have Him more in their lives to where they can live their lives to their fullest potential and truly get all of our Heavenly Fathers and our Saviors blessings and gifts that they are just waiting to give to us. I also do my best to help out my family bound and help us all stay close to our Savior and fill of His love more fully everyday. Truly this is a great calling and it is one that I take on willing.