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Hi I'm Aaron Jonathan Klumker

I'm studying psychology and medicine at BYU, and putting it all on hold to serve the Amazon people. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a young man about to embark on the greatest adventure of my life, to serve and teach the people of the Amazon for the next two years. I'm the oldest of five children, and am leaving behind all of my loved ones. I'm pausing my education, with only one of the twelve years complete that will be necessary for my preparation as a psychiatrist. I, like thousands before me, am giving two years of my life to God- that I might bless others as He has blessed me. I love God. I love people. God is in people- and I've seen that wherever I go and with whatever I've done. I've been a grocery clerk, newspaper chief editor, boys and girls club volunteer, political activist, and now missionary. I could say I like music, I like books- but I love dancing, and I love discussing. Everything is better with people, and nothing I've been- would mean anything without the people I knew.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born a Mormon. My parents were born Mormon, and really my family has been a part of this Church since its beginnings in 1830. My blood sure is Mormon blood. But I am not a Mormon because it runs through my veins. I am not about to sacrifice two years of my life for faith my fathers had. It is because of the faith I have in Jesus Christ. I have wrestled with myself before God, I have pleaded to know He is there, and I have pleaded for comfort in my darkest hours. And I testify that I know above all else that He is here. And He does deliver. This life is not void, and we are not accidents. I have seen God, in every beautiful son and daughter on this earth. I have felt God, felt him lift me up when I knew I had no strength of my own, and I have heard him- in the undeniable answers to my sincere prayers. He is real, and I cannot deny it. I know likewise that the Atonement of Christ is the most real truth in this world. I have felt the cleansing power of Christ purge my soul of self-inflicted darkness, and give me power to forget pain in ways that could not be possible without the real and living Light of Christ. I know his power rests in this Church, for this is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints- this is His church. His power and Spirit guides and directs its leaders, who's authority has been made manifest to me through the Holy Ghost. His word commands its doctrine, which I have extensively studied and pondered over and over, and prayed to know the truth of. And that surety did not come in a sudden instant. It came as a slow, but sure, progressive understanding that these teachings were of God, and they were Truth. It came as the realization of a better life. It comes as happiness.

How I live my faith

How do I not live my faith? My faith is my life. It is through my hope in purpose and in love that I see the world. It is my hope that moves me to work, to serve, to get up after I've fallen down- to look to heaven and wonder and rejoice. I live my faith when I pray each morning and night. When I take my scriptures with me to work and read on break to rejuvenate my spirit and body, and then go back with all the enthusiasm and energy I can muster. I live my faith by trying to go out of my way to make another's day. To mourn with those that mourn, to comfort those that stand in need of comforting, and to simply smile at every person I see. I attend the temple and keep in remembrance that every single person, living and deceased, deserves the same blessings I have- so I regularly perform sacred ordinances at the holy temple on behalf of those who died without those blessings. At school I was assigned several other students to befriend, support, and make fairly decent cookies for- what we call home teaching. Once I got home I was asked to teach Gospel Doctrine, a class during our church meeting with the adults, and that has been an incredible preparation for the clearest way I live my faith- my mission in Manaus, Brazil, from July 31st 2013- July 31st 2015. During this time I will put my entire life on hold to serve the Lord, and bring the wonderful message of happiness found in Christ's atonement to the people of the Amazon, and serve them with all my might, mind and strength. And really that's how any true Mormon lives their faith. They serve.