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Hi I'm Malinda

I'm happily married. I'm doing my best to enjoy life no matter what. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a town that was so small it had no stoplights. For fun, I would read books, practice piano, and dream of moving far away and meeting Prince Charming while being an astronaut. Or teaching. Or writing music. Really, my plans changed daily, but I knew that I wanted to be a mom. After moving less than an hour away from my hometown to attend a university, I started to wonder if my life was going to turn out like I had planned. I finally realized--in the midst of undeclared majors, "failed relationships," and wondering why I felt like I needed to be where I was (instead of at a bigger college farther away from home)--that my life was NOT going to turn out as I had planned, but as THE LORD had planned. Frustrating as this seemed, I realized that He loved me and had some great things in store for me if I could be patient and follow His guidance. At just the right time, I met my husband. We were married about a year ago and are currently living in a small basement apartment learning that "less is more." I graduated this past semester and am currently working part-time for the church as a support specialist while nannying and keeping house in the mornings. I look forward to future phases in my life, including motherhood, and I also know that my Heavenly Father is aware of my wants and needs. If I live worthily, He has plans to bless me with more than I can comprehend. His plan for my happiness gives me hope.

Why I am a Mormon

At one point, I believe I was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because it was "the thing to do." Somewhere in my teenage years, though, it became clear that it was not convenient to live the principles that I had been taught. I had to make a decision: did the standards and doctrines that I knew mean enough to me that I was going to keep following them with true intent, or was I going to continue to half-heartedly and empty mindedly follow along without knowing why? If I chose the latter, there probably wasn't a whole lot of reason to continue in my actions. I examined my course and found that as I was following along, I had gathered some very valuable truths. They were too precious to simply cast away for convenience's sake. I continued to do the things I knew to be right and have found that my conversion process has never been completed. I have the best intentions, but in the end, there is always so much room for improvement. And in my struggles to be the best I can, there's always something lacking--which is where my Savior, Jesus Christ comes in. I love my Savior. I don't understand how He can be so willing to help someone so imperfect as I am, but I DO know that He has. My life has been continually blessed by His atoning sacrifice, and I know that He is the gospel--the "good news." Because Christ died and was resurrected, I have hope. I can be with my family forever, always progressing, and we can be happy. With so much sorrow in the world, it helps me to know that my Heavenly Father has prepared a way, through His Son, Jesus Christ, for me to repent everyday so I can one day return to live with Him.

How I live my faith

Church has given me many opportunities to share my talents with others. I currently serve as music coordinator for my congregation. I have the opportunity to select the music for our meetings so as to contribute to an appropriate atmosphere. Since music has always been important to me, it makes me happy that everyone in our church has such a great opportunity to share the concepts that are dearest to them through singing. As I--and others--volunteer time to share music, I can feel the Holy Spirit teaching the truths of which we sing.