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Hi I'm Dennis Christensen

I throw shotput at BYU. I love food. I´m a missionary in Argentina. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Dennis Christensen and I was born and raised in Richland, WA. I've always been involved in sports growing up and when I started taking them seriously in High School, I was able to get really good. I'm the State Champion of the 4A boys shotput for the Richland Bombers and now compete at BYU. When I'm not throwing, I'm playing other sports, reading a good book, or relaxing with friends... Or eating. My super hero of choice is Thor, but my all time hero is Captain Moroni.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the church my whole life. Baptized at age 8, I've always been aware of what I'm supposed to do and think as a Mormon. However, I didn't know for sure if the things I was doing were right until I was 15 years old. Up until then, I had a BELIEF that the Church was true, but never KNEW for sure. When I was 15, I took up the challenge that Joseph Smith took up: I found myself a private place to pray vocally to Heavenly Father. All I remember saying was this: "Dear Heavenly Father..." After that, I couldn't tell you exactly what I asked or said. But in that moment, a tsunami of emotion overtook me. I felt warm, peace, hope, love, and purpose. I felt like I AM a child of God. I'm a Mormon because I have felt the Spirit touch my heart and tell me that the things I've been learning and doing are true. I'm a Mormon because I have tried many things that Christ has exhorted us to do... and it works! The Gospel of Jesus Christ does make me happier and it is the center of everything I do. I love this Gospel and I love Christ so much that I decided to serve a 2 year mission in Mendoza Argentina so that I can share with others this same happiness and purpose that I feel.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by striving to take on the name of Christ in everything I do. It's important to me that people know my standards and the type of values that I like to be around. There have been opportunities in my life that I've had to pass up or activities that I've skipped because they didn't align with the lifestyle that I´ve chosen. I never feel regret when I choose to follow the example that my Savior, Jesus Christ, set for me. When I do the things that Christ taught his people to do, I feel the spirit and I know that I'm living my faith. I´m also living my faith by serving a mission for 2 years with the name of Jesus Christ written upon a plaque that I wear every day on my chest. I know that the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will bring peace and joy to everyone that will hear it.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Dennis Christensen
I love being in the wilderness, whether it's camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting. When I'm doing these activities, I take time to pause and ponder what's around me. Surely all of these things that are on earth, so beautiful and complex, didn't get where they are by chance or a freak coincidence. Moses 2:31 says "And I, God, saw everything that I had made, and, behold, all things which I had made were very good..." Do we ever look at nature and think 'that's bad!'? The creations that we see around us prove to me that there is a God, and He is good. Also, I know there is a God because I have prayed to know if He is real. I felt comfort and purpose as I prayed. There would be no purpose for man if God didn't exist. In Moses 1:39 we read "For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." Eternal life is the opportunity to live in the presence of God again, after we die. So our purpose in this life is to live so that we can obtain that goal of eternal life. I know there is a God. I know that by pondering and asking with a sincere heart, while striving to following the admonitions of Christ, that everyone can know that God exists and has a plan for us. Show more Show less