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Hi I'm Annette

I am mother to 5 wonderful children. I'm an inventor and entrepreneur. I CrossFit. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a wonderful family of 8 sisters, 1 brother and two fantastic parents; surrounded by cousins, aunts, uncles and wise grandparents. My father is a brilliant professor and my mother is a superhero. I met my husband our first day of college (at the rival university) and have been smitten ever since (though we initially were "just good friends" who enjoyed attending football games at my father's university together.) Just before we were married I was hired by an internet retailer and soon left school to pursue my career. I enjoyed my position purchasing footwear immensely. Soon we had our first child and I tapered off my career to spend time with him. Just before I left my job, a dear friend of mine shared an exciting idea she had to create a changeable cover purse. Initially I limited my involvement to help and advice but once I left my job we naturally became business partners. After years of difficult development, design and finding the right partners we finally turned the idea into a retail product and eventually a successful business. Along the way my husband and I welcomed a daughter and another son to our family, taking turns being the primary caregiver. We moved to Germany for a year to establish the purse business there and give our family language and cultural experience. Since returning we have dabbled in farming with chickens, sheep, cows and gardening and have opened a CrossFit gym as well as adding two more sons to our family. 5 kids and counting!

Why I am a Mormon

When I was in college I was blessed with the opportunity to embark on a service trip to Kenya. I remember one day painting a school room with bright blue paint and I emerged with hands covered in blue. Instantly I was surrounded by a dozen beautiful little faces exclaiming "come with us!" "this way!" They led me to the pump and began washing my hands. They picked up little sticks and rocks and scrubbed gently until the paint was gone! This experience changed my life. I thought I was going there to help and teach the children. The truth is they taught me what life is really about. That true joy is found in loving and serving our brothers and sisters. That this joy can be experienced even in what we perceive as the hardest life circumstances on earth. Perhaps even more easily when we are not distracted by the material ambitions that overrule most of the world. I believe service brings joy because we are doing Christ's work, by allowing him to work through us we are changed to be more like Him. He is the source of all good, He is joy. I also believe our challenges and trials are blessings from God and part of His divine plan for us. I believe that these are as the refiner's fire, difficult to bear yet essential to bringing out the best in us. I believe this is possible only through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I am eternally thankful for my baptism, by which His grace turns my stumbling blocks into stepping stones. I am grateful for the sacrament which I can partake of each week to renew my baptism, repent, and emerge clean and pure. I am eternally thankful for the gift of the Holy Ghost which I received after baptism. He guides me to those who need my love and service. He comforts me through the heat of my most difficult trials. He reminds me of my own divine nature as a daughter of Heavenly Father. These blessings of the Gospel allow me to participate in God's great work on Earth, to prepare for the return of our Savior Jesus Christ, and are why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I live my faith first as wife to my dear husband. My marriage is my greatest support as well as my constant source of refinement. As I have applied the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the challenges that are inherent in marriage I have felt God's love for me and learned the truth of His plan for me. Second I live my faith as a mother to my 5 gifts from Heavenly Father. The daily challenge of seeking patience and caring for their needs and our home while teaching them of their Father's love and how to use their agency for good is my greatest fulfillment in life. I certainly don't reach all of these goals each day, but I feel myself fulfilling my own divine potential as I struggle through the "mundane" tasks and appreciate the beautiful moments. God grants me glimpses of each of my son's and my daughter's true divine self as I strive to do his will as a mother, and these glimpses inspire me to do more than I am capable of on my own. I live my faith third as a teacher to our local young women group. Teenage years are so difficult and confusing. I feel so blessed to be called by God to help these girls remember who they are and why they are here in the face of so much confusion and opposition. I also catch glimpses of their divinity and strive every day to mirror that back to them. Fourth I live my faith as a friend, sister, and unofficial missionary. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It truly is THE greatest news! Though I often feel awkward and nervous as I share the knowledge and feelings closest to my heart, I also feel so much love for my brother's and sister's here on earth, I have no greater desire than to learn to share these truths in a way that all I meet can see and feel what I have in my heart.