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Hi I'm Josh

I grew up in the U.S.A. I love to do anything, and am always willing to try new things. Hi, Im Josh and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I act, sing, dance, read, hangout with friends, rock climb, kayak, canoe, and swim. I play soccer, baseball, volleyball, and basically any sport with my friends. Right now, I am staying home for a bit and working to save up money for my mission! Which I am extremely excited for! Some of my accomplishments include helping out with the Special Olympics for the past 5 years, achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, placing third in a national Shakespeare competition my freshman year, and I have been active in The Church my entire life. I love to try new things, and learning. The best way I find to learn is by meeting new people and seeing what every person has to offer. Everyone is put here for a reason, and everyone deserves to at least be heard. I used to be a shy kid, constantly picked on and made fun of, I learned that you can't let people bring you down and just have to keep on getting up. For the same reason that I mentioned before, everyone has a voice, smile, hug, or thoughts that need to be shared. I've learned a lot in my youth, and gained a lot of wisdom from it, but I still live by this quote; "a fool thinks himself to be wise but a wise man knows himself to be a fool"-William Shakespeare. There is so much more I'd love to learn and I cannot wait to share what I learn. My goal in life? No matter where I end up in life, if I am not helping people and doing my best to encourage those around me I will not be "successful". Lastly, I love this Gospel and I believe it is true.

Why I am a Mormon

Why I am a Mormon is simple. No, it's not because I was born in the church. It's not because I like to music my church plays, or because I get to see my friends every week. I am a mormon because it is true. As I kid, I mentioned earlier, that I was picked on, and made fun of. Because of this I fell away from the church. I didn't have friends to go to, I felt alone. While I wasn't physically sick, there was an aching in my soul. It led me down a dark path. Of all the dark things I felt, and faced. The two things that hurt the most was the loneliness, and eventually the numbness. I never wanted to be where I was at that time. I never asked for it, but upon realizing that I didn't want to be where I was, sparked a change within me. I'll admit, I cried every night, for one simple thing, a friend. I don't know where I got the faith to pray, but I did. The answer didn't come immediately, there was no pillar of light and a hallelujah chorus. But eventually the answer did come early in my sophomore year(my first prayer I offered was when I was 9). This church became my friend, not the people in it, or the music. God answered my prayer by first becoming my friend. That alone was the only friend I needed in this whole life. Just to know that God wanted to be my friend. The bishop didn't tell me that, I didn't read it in a fortune cookie. I felt it in my heart. As soon as I had discovered that, my life turned around. Beyond that even, to this day, any time I feel the slightest bit alone God puts another friend in my life to comfort me. He didn't just answer my prayer, he gave me more than I could ever imagine. I could never give back enough, so every day I thank him, and I try and be that friend to everyone I meet. This church is true, it has given be all that I could ask for and more. I could never deny it. My name is Joshua and I AM A MORMON.

How I live my faith

I live my faith every day in everything that I do. Sharing the Gospel has become second nature to me, and I love to share the peace this gospel gives me. I know in reality, not everyone is going to listen, or even want to know, but I strongly believe that everyone has potential, and I know that this Gospel has helped me know who I am and what I need to be in this life. So if I know that, then why not share it with everyone, we are brothers and sisters aren't we? Even the smallest of seeds can grow into the mightiest of trees. Im only 18 so I haven't held whole lot of positions in my church, but I am always doing what I can to participate and help lift the burdens of those around me. Do I struggle yes, but the important thing is that I keep moving forward, in the right direction, and set my course toward God. This Gospel has helped me do that in so many ways. With my Whole heart, I give All my faith into believing in this Gospel. It is true.