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Hi I'm Zac

I am a musician. I help others feel love. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I started piano when I was four years old. Since then I have loved playing music. I am currently studying at BYU in piano performance. I love playing music with my family and giving concerts to other people. I believe music is powerful and can give peace. In addition to music, I also love hiking, biking, singing, math and reading. I love learning new things in all areas and pondering the mystery and beauty of God's love for us. We cannot fully understand His love, but if we accept it, His love can fill our lives and bring joy to us. As I seek to have a greater amount of God's love in my life, God blesses in my study of piano and music as well as in my other desires and pursuits. I am amazed and humbled as I realize that all that I have learned and accomplished can be credited to God's mercy. We each have a mission to perform on this earth; we must discover what it is and accept God's love in order to become the person we truly are.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since I was 8 years old. My parents taught me many things before and after my baptism. They taught me to read the scriptures, pray to Heavenly Father, and to serve others. I am so grateful for these principles and many others that my parents taught me. Though I had learned the Gospel my whole life, in college I had to decide if I truly wanted to continue in this Church. I continued to go to church and activities, but I was not fully committed to Jesus Christ. It was easy to think about aspects I didn't like about the way certain people in the church acted, and I began to think that there were just too many imperfections in the Church for it to be the true. After pondering and struggling with these thoughts, I realized that I had 2 choices: I could stay in the church and give my all, and my whole heart to serving Jesus Christ or I could give up following the Savior and stop participating in church. On the other hand, I could not go half way and continue to attend church while letting discomfort and unhappiness increase as I criticized others in my thoughts. As I begin to realize the decision that was before me, I knew that in order to be true to myself I would have to decide based only on me, despite the pressures of what other people think of me and what they would want me to do. I prayed for help as I went through this decision, and many times I wondered if God heard me. Despite my doubts, I bear my testimony that God truly loves me. He showed me this love through other people and experiences, teaching me in my mind and heart that I am a valued and loved son of God. Because of God's wondrous mercy in giving me so much love, I was humbled and desired to serve God with my whole soul. I know that God wants me to be a Mormon. As I continue to let go of negative thoughts, I am filled with love and a desire to serve others.

How I live my faith

I recently decided to serve a full time mission for Jesus Christ. I will be serving in Arcadia, California. I am excited to give myself to the Lord. I know he will be able to do a lot good through me if I am humble. Humility is a virtue that is not easy to obtain. It is much easier to think of negative aspects about the world and others. This type of negative thinking almost stopped me from serving a mission. I was caught up in seeing the bad in the world and I did not think there was any purpose for my life. In this negative state I assumed that all other people acted out of selfishness and that true, sincere desires to do good do not exist. As I realized how much God had given me, however, I was humbled. I have seen his grace in my life time and time again so that I have no doubt that He is there. As I realized this and changed my negative and corroded thoughts for a positive and grateful view, I realized how much good there is in the world. I began to have a desire to serve God because of how much He had blessed me. I also wanted to help others feel this love. Because of God's mercy in helping me feel this love and gratitude, I realized that I do have a purpose and I am excited to fulfill it. I know God will help me as I humbly seek to serve Him on my mission.