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Hi I'm Daniel Bird

I was born and raised in Arizona. I am 20 years of age. I love video games and Anime. I'll become President of USA. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I love video games and Anime. I love to come up with my own stories and write fan fiction to games and shows I love. I am an Eagle Scout and proud of it. I am also an Identical Twin. I am currently On My Mission in Ohio. I love my parents and family and they are the reason why I'm going to serve the Lord. I love my friends as well as my family. My friends are very important to me. But most importantly I love the Lord. Also I will become President of the United States of America. Why? Because I want to and that is one of my goals in life. Me and my Twin Brother Sam (or Samuel but I call him Sam) are going to build up our own video game company called Twin Minds. (very clever isn't it) Me and Sam love video games that is what we want to do. I also want to be part of the Special Forces for the United States Coast Guard called the D.O.G unit. I also have some books and manga ideas that I want to do. Now those are a lot of goals but it's what I want to do and I will accomplish my goals in life.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Lord is a huge important part of my life. I know that this Church is the true church and that the fullness of His work is here on Earth today. As I have been out on my mission I have seen the Hand of God in my life. I know he is there. Even when I went through some trials in my life time. But it's because of the trials I went through in life, that I have the testimony of the gospel today. I also know the blessings of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It's because of the Atonement that I'm able to go on a mission. And I know that because I have gone out on my mission I have touch the lives of many. Even though they may or may not accept the messages that I bring from God to them. One day, I know they will, they will join the church and they will see what God had in store of them. So to Any who are reading this and are thinking about going on a mission. Go. Because I know that if every member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who are able, go on a mission. The World will be ready for Jesus Christ. That is my testimony that I know Jesus Christ Lives. And Because He lives I'll live. And it's because of that, that I'm glad to be a missionary for the Lord forever. And that I'll be able to bless thousands if not millions of lives in this life and the next. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true and living church on the Earth today. We hold the Priesthood that Jesus Christ gave to his Apostles Peter, James, and John, who then gave it to Joseph Smith. I know that for a fact, because I have the Priesthood given to me by my Father who is a worthy Priesthood holder of Jesus Christ. And I do not doubt that my loving Father holds the Priesthood. For it is Everlasting. And this is my Ever Lasting Testimony to the World, and I say these things in Jesus Christ name, Amen.

How I live my faith

I am an Elder who is currently on his mission.. I was called to serve in the Cleveland Ohio Mission field. I am rereading the Book of Mormon and doing what I need to be a great missionary. The Mission Field is a great place for learning experience. As I am teaching people about the Lord's Gospel I always feel a deep love for them. I try to do the things the Lord wants me to do. As you prepare to serve the Lord remember that you are on His mission. Not yours, but His. As long as you remember that you'll be a great missionary.

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

Daniel Bird
Because God loves us all He wants us to be happy. But there is an order in God's kingdom that is unchanging. That unchanging thing is the Priesthood. The Priesthood is God's authority to perform special and sacred ordinances such as Baptism. Baptism a lot of people know to be a saving ordinance to go into the Kingdom of God. But to enter the kingdom of God you must be baptized in His way. That way is through the Priesthood. Since Peter, James and John everyone knows had the Priesthood given to them from Jesus Christ. But when they died the Priesthood authority did not get passed on. So no one could get baptized by the authority that Jesus Christ has had. Which is why the Prophet Joseph Smith is important part in knowing that the authority is back on the Earth. Peter, James and John came to Joseph Smith in the year 1829 and gave him the Priesthood to act in God's name. Because it is God's way that we must be follow. Show more Show less