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Hi I'm Chet

I was born in Virginia, adopted, and raised in Utah. I'm serving a mission in Yekaterinburg, Russia. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Richmond, Virginia and adopted into a loving family from Utah shortly after my birth. I grew up in Utah and was a part of a very loving, wonderful LDS ward that truly took me in. I love learning and all through my life I enjoyed going to school. In high school I had an incredible group of friends that always were uplifting me and encouraging me to be my best self, and I know I am where I am today because of them. Growing up, I took piano lessons and developed a true love for music. Even after I stopped taking lessons, I still continued to play because of the true joy and solace that the music can bring. I also had the opportunity to be a part of the swim team growing up. It was an amazing experience for me and I made many lifelong friends. In addition, while in high school, I was involved in choir and this also changed my life. It was in choir that I made some of my best friends and truly developed a love for singing. I recently just graduated high school, earning my associates degree in the process. It was a lot of hard work, but with the Lord I was able to do it. As of now, I am preparing to leave for a LDS mission to Yekaterinburg, Russia to serve The Lord for two years. I know that it will be one of the most incredible experiences of my life. After my mission, I plan on attending college to pursue a degree in engineering, get married and start a family, and then live happily for the remainder of my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the church so I guess part of me always knew it was true; however, when I was fourteen, something truly incredible happened that caused me to know without a doubt that this is the true church. As I finished the eighth grade, I received the challenge to read the Book of Mormon all the way through during the summer. I had been challenged to read this book many times before; however this time was different. As the summer went on, I was consistent with my reading, and as the middle of August rolled around, i finally finished. As it was my first time reading the Book of Mormon all the way through, I decided to pray and ask my Heavenly Father if it was true just as Moroni challenges in Moroni 10:3-5. As I prayed, the most powerful feeling came over me--a sort of all-encompassing warmth, light, and expanding in my chest. At that moment, I knew without a doubt that the Book of Mormon was true and that this was Christ's true church. From that point onward, I had a purpose in being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I wanted with all my heart to strive to be the best member I could be so that someday I could return to live with my Heavenly Father once more. I just want to take a moment and bear my testimony. I know that this is the truest church on the face of the earth. I know that God the Father and his son, Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove and that by them, Joseph aided in restoring Christ's true church to the earth. I know that the Book of Mormon can change lives. It has changed mine, and I know that studying it daily helps me to have the Holy Spirit as my constant companion. I know that Christ truly did suffer for my sins, and that through his everlasting atonement, I can be forgiven of my sins and receive strength each day to do his will. I testify that God hears prayers. I know that as I have prayed unto him for help and strength, he has been there for me. I say these things in Jesus' name, amen.

How I live my faith

I participate in my ward in a number of ways. Because I play the piano, I have had the opportunity to be the pianist for the men when we meet together. I also recently was asked to help out by being an assistant ward organist. I have the opportunity to play the organ for our ward congregation every fourth Sunday and then whenever I'm needed as a sub. I also get to occasionally play the piano whenever there is a musical number needed for one of the meetings. For a while I had the opportunity to serve as one of the assistants to the Bishop in my class of 16-18 year old boys. With this, I had the opportunity and responsibility to serve the fellow members of my class as well as take charge when it was necessary. Also I currently serve in my ward as a home teacher. I go with my partner (who also happens to be my dad) and we visit three families in the ward. We check in to see if they're doing alright, we try to give them a spiritual thought, and then we just visit and basically catch up on how life is going. It is so much fun, and I love getting to know these people as we go each month to visit them. This past year, I was extended the call from the stake presidency to serve on the seminary council at my school's seminary. I had the opportunity to work with youth from several other stakes to discuss, collaborate, and implement programs and activities to give the seminary students at my high school the chance to have the very best seminary experience possible. It was one of the most phenomenal experiences, and I truly grew so much in leadership, in organizing, and in my love for my peers. I am a better person because of this service. Aside from these callings, I participate and serve in my ward as I do everything I can to help those who are in need and make myself available to serve those around me. I have elderly neighbors, so we help them as much as we can. These are some ways I serve in my ward.