What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Lucy

I'm happily married! I'm a musician. I want to become a teacher. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a junior in college, majoring in Music Education. I am married to an incredibly awesome man who I love very much! He's my favorite person to spend time with. We love going to the gym, cooking, and going on double dates with our friends. My husband and I also hope to travel the world together, and take our family with us!

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in a Mormon family, so I have never known anything different than being a member of this church, but I still had to decide for myself if this was something I wanted in my life. After years of just doing what I was told by my parents and church leaders, I thought about how my life would be different if I did things differently- if I chose to wear revealing clothing, or use words that are inappropriate, for example. I realized I would probably fit in better with my peers, but further reflection on the issue told me that that wasn't as important to me as I originally thought. I finally realized that living the gospel gave me a purpose, and having a purpose makes me very happy. It makes me happy to know that it's not a coincidence that I exist! I have a specific purpose for being on this earth, and that is to prove to my Father in Heaven that I love Him and His gospel. I am also here to love and serve Heavenly Father's children, which is something that brings me great joy! This church is a church that brings people together- there are millions of people out there who believe as I do, who understand that they serve a greater purpose, who have so much love for this world and strive to be worthy to be called one of God's children. I know that this church is true, and being a member of it is the best thing I have done with my life so far. My family has been a major factor as well. In the Mormon Church, we believe that family relationships can last beyond death, into the next life and beyond. The way that we ensure those relationships last is through making sacred covenants in the temple. From learning life lessons from my parents to going on adventures with my siblings to my courtship and then marriage to my husband, I have realized that these people have made me the person I am, and I love them so much for it! I don't ever want to lose them. I want to enjoy having them close to me forever! And with the gospel of Jesus Christ, it's possible.

How I live my faith

I was the only member of the church in my high school, so I had to decide early on how I would live my life and make sure those who were close to me understood my choices. Once I felt more confident with myself and my lifestyle, I was able to serve others more. I have the opportunity to visit a couple of women from church every month in their homes, to see how they are doing and to share a message about our Savior Jesus Christ. The women I visit are very different from me, having had more life experience, more education, more opportunities for church service, etc., and at first I felt that there couldn't possibly be anything that I could teach them or help them with. However, I have found that because of our understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we can still connect with each other as sisters in the Church, and are able to serve, uplift and love one another. What a great blessing that is! This church truly is a universal church, in the sense that people from all walks of life can come and get something out of it, regardless of their individual circumstances.

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

When we take care of our bodies, we are more able to feel the influence of the Holy Ghost, which helps us to make good decisions and be closer to our Heavenly Father. In the church, we often refer to our bodies as temples. Obviously, this isn't meant literally, but it is a good way to think of it. Temples are special places, just like with any other church, and are always very well maintained so they remain beautiful and clean. Therefore, when we say our bodies are temples, that means we should keep ourselves beautiful and clean as well. Show more Show less

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

In my experience, Mormon women tend to be very much like other women! Many of them have families to care for, many of them have jobs, and many are involved in community groups and activities. The only thing that makes us stand out that I can think of is that we have a strong, sure knowledge of who we are and where we can go with our lives, and because of that knowledge we strive to live as Christ did, and love and serve as He did. We know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us very much and will always support us in any positive, uplifting action we do. That being said, in my mind there is no doubt of whether or not men and women are equal in the LDS church. Men and women have different roles in the Church, but that doesn't mean one is more important than the other. Naturally, men and women are different. It's always been that way. We embrace different qualities and take on different tasks. But we need these differences to balance each other out and help each other come closer to Christ. Show more Show less