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Hi I'm Lori

I was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan. I love to read, bake, laugh, and dance in the kitchen. And I'm a Mormon. :)

About Me

Hello darlin's! I am a psychology student at Brigham Young University-Idaho. I used to be a music major, I played euphonium and tuba, and I miss them terribly sometimes! But I absolutely adore studying psychology. I love spending time with my friends and meeting new people. I love trying to get other people to smile and laugh. I believe life is much easier when you are happy! :) I love to bake pretty much anything, as long as I am dancing and singing while I bake. I love traveling, which is why I left Michigan to attend school in Idaho. I hope that when I am finished with school I can move to a big city and serve those in the community. My heart belongs in the city, but I also love hiking through the woods on a sunny day collecting daisies (my favorite flower). My dream is to become a wife and mother and teach my children to love Christ and to love and serve those around them.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but I wasn't converted until I was 18 years old. When I was a 4 months old my parents got divorced, and my dad left the Church. Because I was so young I thought that the separation of my parents was normal. I didn't know that it wasn't normal for kids to spend every other weekend at their dad's house. It wasn't until I was in the later years of elementary school and my mom had been remarried for a few years, that I realized my life was not the same as most people. I started noticing that I wasn't as close to everyone at church as the kids who went every Sunday, and that I was lacking in spiritual growth. I tried to ignore these differences while I was growing up, but I couldn't. While I was a teenager I tried hard to hide the fact that I was a member of the Church, and I seriously considered leaving the Church when I graduated from high school. The summer before my senior year in high school I decided to read The Book of Mormon on my own for the first time. I could feel that something was missing from my life that my friends in the Church had. Over the course of my senior year I read the entire Book of Mormon and I felt my life changing. I started to feel the Spirit more and I knew that I wanted to change the life I had been living. I decided to attend Brigham Young University-Idaho so I could be surrounded by people who shared my beliefs. I thought that once I arrived at school life would be easy I would feel the spirit all of the time, and my testimony would grow on its own. Oh, how wrong I was. Even in the wonderful environment of BYUI I needed to actively work to build my testimony. So for the course of my first year I worked actively at being a "Mormon," and for the first time in my life I KNEW that my belief in the Gospel was true. I could feel it throughout my whole being. Each and everyday I work to keep my testimony growing and I look forward to a life within the Gospel.

How I live my faith

I love to live my faith through those I serve. I love to help those who are struggling by giving them words of encouragement that I find through the scriptures and the words of the leaders of the Church. I also live my faith through teaching in Church. I love searching through the scriptures to find lessons that are meaningful and that I can relate to life. I also live my faith with my friends, which most of them are members of the Church. But we are not a perfect people, so we (myself included) often need reminders to strive to live the gospel more fully. I work hard every day to be a little better, some days are good, others are a little rough, but each and everyday I ask for help to do my best.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

There are so many things that tell me that there is a God. I have started to notice them increasingly since I have come to college and have been living on my own. There have been so many nights that I have felt the immense struggles of the adult world and I just take one quiet moment on my own with no distractions, no music, no phone, no tv, just sitting alone. It is in these quiet moments that I can hear the creations of the Lord such as the crickets, the rain, the silence that only comes with a snowfall, or the call of the birds. While I listen I can't help but know that there is a God. How could the beauty of this world be formed without a creator, without a plan? I just don't see how there cannot be a plan when I can go outside and feel the heat of the sun and not be burned, or when I see the beauty of a baby so small and innocent, or when I hear the song of a bird as it flies past my window. I have even started to see the Lord in my studies of psychology. As I study the human brain I marvel at the intricacies that go within just the neurons and then expands into the different sections of the brain that create each of our thoughts and emotions. I truly feel that I see God within His creations, that the natural things of this world did not just appear, they were planned by a Supreme Being. Show more Show less