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Hi I'm Jordan

I am trying to be a good guy and do that which I was sent here to do. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up on a small farm in Idaho with hard working parents and awesome siblings to look up to. My childhood was full of fun and eventful memories with family and friends. Much of who I am I contribute to the influence they have had on me. Many of those memories are associated with sports. Some of those being ping pong tournaments with my family, having a game of baseball in the front yard, or competing with a team of friends in school sports. I still love to play sports and spend time with my family. In my eyes I had a great upbringing. Once graduated from high school I went to school for a year and then went on a mission serving others. I am grateful for every minute of it. Unfortunately, on the tail end (18 months) I had mental problems that kept me from being able to finish the rest of my mission. Once home, I was diagnosed with a mental illness. It was a very scary time for my family. I was hospitalized multiple times due to the symptoms of my illness and medication. But slowly I was able to get back on my feet. I received an incredible amount of support from my family, friends, doctors, hospital staff, and fellow church members. Thanks to them, I am where I am today. Today I am married, serve in my community, and help individuals overcome similar obstacles and challenges as a recreational therapist.

Why I am a Mormon

To me being a Mormon is being a Christian, so I will use them interchangeably. There are many reasons why I am a "Mormon/Christian" Some of those reasons have changed throughout my life. I think the very first reason I was a "Mormon/Christian" was because my parents and siblings were. I grew up in a home where we tried to pray, study the scriptures, and went to church together. Also, many of my siblings believed it was true. In order to truly be converted to my Christian faith it required more than just following my parents around and blindly believing what I was taught at church or at home. Some of these reasons I continue to choose to be a Mormon/Christian include: -It brings me great joy being a "Mormon/Christian." -I want to be like other leaders and teachers who are "Mormons/Christians", many of whom I look up to and admire. -I grow spiritually. I receive answers to my prayers, I have an increased desire to do good, I continue to receive my own testimony that the principles and commandments I learn are true. -I am happier when I listen and follow the teachings I learn. -I understand more fully what the scriptures are really teaching me -I am able to overcome personal weaknesses and tendencies -I want to be true to the promises I have made with God. (Such as Baptism and other ordinances) -I want be a good example to my family and friends. -It brings more meaning to my life. -It has kept me grounded during life's storms -Considering how much God has blessed me being a "Mormon/Christian" is a way I can give back and share the blessings I have enjoyed being a "Mormon/Christian." In this way I can show my gratitude and my love for God.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by striving to become a better person. That hasn't always came naturally for me. It can be difficult to change. There are times when I think "Well, I am a good person and I do good things, why should I worry about doing everything I am taught to do?" Being a disciple of Jesus Christ means striving to become more like Christ. Not occasionally, but whenever and whatever situation I am in. Did the Savior ever say "Alright Peter, you got this one, I'll be at the beach for awhile chillaxing." When I was baptized I made promises with God to live as Christ did. God does not expect me to be perfect. But he does want me to strive to be perfect like the Savior. By exercising faith In Jesus Christ God has blessed me with the power to change. Obeying God's commands to pray and study my scriptures helps me realize what God expects from me, reminds me what I need to work on in my personal life, and helps me to do what I know is right. God forms me into a better person as I follow his teachings. I am happier and I am protected from the consequences of breaking the Lord's commandments. I want to help others to have all the great blessings I have. So I invite my friends to learn about my faith and I try to be an example to others. I have many opportunities to serve in my church and in my community. I do so by teaching and visiting members of my church and I volunteer at two hospitals close to my home town. I love it! It is so fun to get to know the different patients, residents, and employees I come in contact with. Now, I look forward to the future by preparing myself for the difficult and joyful experiences that I will encounter (like getting married and raising a family). My faith instills in me a desire to do what is right and it helps me to learn from my mistakes. There are times I get frustrated with myself for repeating the same mistakes, but I continue to believe in God that he will help me to overcome them as I keep trying.