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Hi I'm Alicia

I grew up all over the United States. I am a wife and mother. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am like so many people that you meet every day. I take my kids swimming and to gymnastics. I make dinner (some of the time and take my family out to eat some of the time), I enjoy making and listening to good music, I like to go to lunch with friends, I go on lots of dates with my husband, and I try my hardest to exercise and stay healthy. Growing up, my family and I moved a LOT. I lived in Mississippi, Utah, Texas, and California. Between all those places we lived in over 20 different locations before I turned 14 Luckily, I spent my junior high and high school years in the same place so I claim being from Central California. I grew up with friends from many different religious and cultural backgrounds. I'm grateful for that experience and I believe that it's because of those experiences that I understand that a relationship with Christ can be found and developed in so many different religions and on so many different personal levels.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into an LDS family. Some people would discount my testimony as me being someone who has never known any differently and who has stayed with what is comfortable and familiar. I, myself, had that same opinion until I was about 13 years old. I remember one night I was babysitting for a family in our ward who had recently been baptized. This family held a bit of "celebrity status" in our ward because of the huge life-changes that they made to be baptized. I remember being envious of them because they knew what it was like to not be a member of the LDS church. One night when the dad was taking me home, I mentioned to him the fact that I was a little jealous of him and wished that I knew what it was like to be introduced to the gospel later in life (instead of growing up with it). I remember the look in his eye as he pulled the car over and very seriously and solemnly said to me that I should NEVER wish that. He told me that I needed to be EXTREMELY grateful for the light and peace that I had grown up with. He pleaded with me to never wish that again. The urgency and near panic that I saw in his eyes that night has stayed with me. As an adult, I have more life experience than I had as a 13-year-old girl and now I can much better see what that father was talking about. I believe that this church helps me to be happy and gives me hope for my future and the future of my family. I believe that the LDS church gives me a guideline to live my life in a way that is pleasing to God and Jesus Christ. I believe that this happiness comes from my testimony in and my relationship with my Savior. My knowledge of my Savior has made me who I am. It has blessed me in my relationships. It has strengthened me as a wife and mother. It is my lifeline and I'm so grateful for this sacred relationship I have been able to develop as a Mormon.

How I live my faith

One of the things that I believe makes this church effective and life changing is that it requests action. Change cannot be made without active efforts. The religious leaders and teachers are made up of members of the congregation and then sustained (or supported) by everyone. We work together as a ward to fulfill all the responsibilities of teaching, serving, and preaching needed in every ward. Currently, I am serving as the ward Choir director (and as one of the ward organists). I get to choose songs with the theme of our Sacrament Meetings and then practice them with the choir (in my home on Sunday mornings) and then direct the choir as they perform the songs. We try to sing in church at least once a month. While serving in my congregation is a very meaningful way to live my faith, I strongly believe that the most important place that I live my faith is in my daily living. In my home, I try my hardest to pray daily with my children, to teach them about Jesus Christ and their relationship with Him as their Savior, and to make choices that will bring me happiness. I know that my membership in this church has given me the very sturdy framework to accomplish these tasks. I develop my own testimony of Christ through prayer, uplifting books, scripture study, and studying the words of modern prophets. I try to live the way that I say that I live and constantly try to not be hypocritical in the things that I choose to do. I try to make choices that are consistent with righteous living because I know that through these good choices that I will be happy and comforted no matter what happens in my life.