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Hi I'm Crystal

I love documentaries and reading the classics. Aspergers and/or ADHD affects most of our family. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When I was young my parents were Mormon hippies you might say--an amalgamation of 70's thinking and pioneer heritage. We traveled around Europe in a VW bug on weekends while my father completed his military service there following his tour in Vietnam. On returning to the states I was home schooled when that was still very unusual. My parents divorced when I was ten. I think it had a lot to do with my dad's PTSD and (probably my mom's post partum depression as well)--neither of which had been diagnosed. The ensuing family chaos preceded a period of rebellious adolescence for me and a falling away from my faith. In my mid-20's I had not gone to church for over five years.. In fact I had shifted my thinking to being secular-atheist. At the time my sister, who was on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, sent a tape home. While I was listening to her taped letter she started talking about her work sharing the gospel--teaching others about Jesus Christ. She wasn't preaching as much as she was explaining what she was doing. To my great surprise, I was powerfully moved by the sincerity with which she worked with devotion to share the teachings of her Savior. I had a born again experience because of that. Repentance was a difficult road. But it was well worth all the heartache. I am grateful I was able to marry my best friend in the temple and with him bring five wonderful children to our family.

Why I am a Mormon

I studied science at U.C. Berkeley and have enjoyed living in many places, including very large U.S. cities. Having parents who have always been open-minded I grew up analyzing and watching and absorbing. From views all over the map I arrived in the end where I began. Heavenly Father loves me. I learned this when I was trying to ask for help from something I didn't really even believe in at a low point in my life. Little did I realize how many pieces were already in place to lead me safely to His arms at the very moment I truly needed His rescue. In those rescuing arms is where I felt certain Jesus Christ is and always will be my Savior. "His matchless mercy and forgiveness" is no longer a phrase I associate with church words. I have been the recipient of that love and want to know how to be what He wants me to be. One part I never expected was to understand and actually know is that His kingdom is here on the earth being built in the form of an organized religion, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I had come to think of my faith as nothing more than a myth. But I realize now that it is so much more. Nothing I've seen in the world has so much to bless us with. I there is incredible energy, vitality and goodness being part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I'm in it. It is His church. I have experienced sitting and listening to His prophets and apostles and feel certain He speaks through them to me. I know his Priesthood is on the Earth today. I become better when I live His teachings and the Church helps me to do that. These things I witness in His Holy name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

How I live my faith

My family helps me live my faith. I love my husband so much. But that relationship has also required a degree of work and humility I wouldn't have been able to understand before. When I ask for God's help and I am humble I am able to be sorry and also to forgive when I feel hurt. As I act according to the true spirit of love (which is easier to say than to do) God helps me understand how many blessings I have because of my husband. I have felt incredible joy in my marriage because I ask for the Lord to help me and He does. Our weekly dates have helped us stay close through the craziness of having five young children. My children teach me every day. I know that as I truly work hour by hour at having a mothers heart I grow in my ability to be kind and patient. It takes practice and lots of help from God. But I recognize most great skills do. And I know as I mother I grow in my skill of being loving. Working with the toddlers in the nursery is something I do at Church every Sunday. While I miss going to the adult classes, I know I am learning more as I do the practical work of service. It would be very tough to teach a child how to ride a bike reading about methods for biking in a book. My favorite thing about doing service in the Church is feeling how much love God has for the people I am serving. It helps remind me that I am loved in that same way. For me faith has become something as much about what happens in my mind and actions and heart hour by hour as it is about what happens on Sunday. I feel closer to God when I listen to or read the scriptures every day. I also am working on listening when I pray, especially at the end of a prayer. It takes effort to quiet my heart and mind and not just race through my prayers and get on with my day. But I often am blessed with messages in my heart that help me to grow when I take the time to listen for His response whatever it might be. I try to write the feelings down and then go and act in faith.