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Hi I'm Brennan

I absolutely love the gospel! I play the French Horn and am passionate about microbiology, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am trying to create a cheap and safe treatment for cancer, with a friend, by creating genetically altered crops so that the fruit is the treatment. I play the French Horn really well and could probably play professionally if I so desired. I also write music which is really fun sometimes. I have written a church piece that I am hoping to be sung at my mission farewell. I went to Utah State University for two semesters and love living away from home (Even though I am home now...). I enjoy growing things, it fascinates me to no end. My heritage is really cool too. I have lots of ancestors that lived in Germany/Prussia, Ireland, Scotland, and England. I am even related to a duke. I am one fourth German. I do not know any other languages as of now and will be speaking English on my mission even though I do not always express thoughts as eloquently as I would like sometimes. I am VL and have never gotten in a relationship before (which is kinda sad but funny), which everyone tells me is awesome; they also tell me to keep it that way until after my mission ;). I also have a large support group of friends, leaders, bishops, and spirit armies to keep me on the right path. I absolutely have the best family that loves me unconditionally; I am truly blessed. My situation is better than most which gives me more time to be productive in the gospel and be a good example. I also love meeting those people who are not familiar with the gospel that let me share with them.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I know the church is true and cannot deny it. The spirit is real and talks to us and gives us personal revelation. The spirit also helps to answer prayers. You will find that most prayers are answered by other people. I would like to share an experience: There was one night that I was really down and angry at myself. I was lying down sobbing on my bed. I was in desperate need of comfort and so I said a prayer in my heart, "Heavenly father please hug me." Not 30 seconds later my dad came down into my room and without a word, hugged me and held me tight. My dad was in the middle of watching a TV show two stories above my room with no knowledge of me crying in my room. The spirit does amazing things. I have found countless lost things because of the spirit giving revelation to me or family members. I have a testimony of tithing, repentance, and patience. I have prayed about the Book of Mormon and know that the teachings inside are true. I know that the prophet receives revelation from god for our day and age to spread the gospel and lead us on the right track. I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of god and that he translated the Book of Mormon through the power of god and that he talked with God and Jesus and to angels. I have a testimony of faith and the power it has and that through faith anything is possible, as long as it is righteous. I love the gospel because of the ability to live with my family for all eternity. The plan of salvation is one of the reassuring parts of the gospel that truly bears testimony of the Gospel. I love that we were once spirit children of God in heaven and that we were sent down to get bodies with the ability to make mistakes and grow while being able to made perfect through Christ so that we can be exalted as gods/goddesses. I have a testimony of Christ. I know that he bled in Gethsemane for the sins of the world and was resurrected to overcome death so that we could be like God.

How I live my faith

I have been brought up in the gospel and have learned basic principals of the gospel since I was very little. I was also brought up with a dad that loved/loves to serve other people which is the epitome of what the gospel teaches. Every time someone would need help moving into or out of a house, he would be the first person there (dragging me along of course). I have learned the blessings of serving others and the amazing network of people in the gospel that are willing to drop everything to help another without a moments notice. I have helped clean churches many times and it is always an uplifting experience. I have been in many positions in which I was called to be a leader in the church. These experiences were building and taught me how to be a little more selfless and receptive to the spirit. I always tried to befriend those people who were teased or pushed around. We always need to remember that we are all human and make mistakes and that no one is perfect, but through the atonement, the grace of god, and faith we are made perfect. I have tried to strive for this in my life even though I have had some rough times in my life where I have felt very much alone and in need of a friend. You will find that your parents will be your best friends even if they are disappointed in you. I am currently part of a service committee in my singles ward (surprise, surprise!). I try and help with finding opportunities to serve others for my ward when we have "family" home evenings. This calling reaffirmed my faith because my bishop new nothing of my past and he knew that I would do well in this calling. The power of revelation is real! I am definitely not perfect. I try and do my best to be active in the church (which is another thing I love about the church; everyone in the ward has a purpose), to read my scriptures and pray often because everything I do I cannot do without the help of my savior (i.e. cancer project, breathing, etc).

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

No, the church helps everyone. If anyone needs help and seeks out the church, chances are we will be able to help immediately. These cases include: help finding a job, emergency help, just needing a friend, learning more about the church, help with moving, cleaning up a yard, babysitting etc. The church is filled with loving people who are eager to help and make friends. Show more Show less