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Hi I'm Kyler

I served the Filipino people on my mission, and now am a college student studying computer science.

About Me

One of the hardest questions for me to answer is, "Where are you from?" I was born in a little town surrounded by several Indian reservations, known as Gallup, New Mexico. However, that certainly isn't my idea of home. As a result of the seemingly annual moves my family made, I don't feel that any one of those places is my home. I will say however, that my favorite place to live was in Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently I am a college student, studying computer science at a school in Utah. For me school is a blast. I returned home from my service in the Philippines Cebu East Mission in late September 2015. Looking back on that time, it was probably the craziest two years of my life! But I'm extremely grateful for it.

Why I am a Mormon

My belief in Jesus Christ, that He is the only begotten Son of God, has grown throughout my life. I was taught about God as a child, but don't know that I ever tested the idea until recent years. However, by planting the seed in my heart, and nourishing it with faith, I’ve come to see that this is a good seed. Below are several other things that I’ve come to accept as truth. First, being that the Church of Jesus Christ is the organization the Lord himself reorganized, and restored to the earth. Second, I believe that Joseph Smith, first visited by God in 1820, was the major instrument used to restore the Lord’s ancient church. I consider Him to be a modern prophet of God. Third, I think the Book of Mormon is more than just an interesting book. As scripture, meaning: as words, written by inspired men who were called by God, we can learn from them and understand who Christ is, and what He did for you and me. Fourth, I believe we can trust, and be led by the leaders of this church, often referred to as Prophets and Apostles. For those searching for direction and peace in life, one should listen to God’s word revealed through these leaders. I think that if any one were to take time enough to investigate these things, and plant them in their hearts, they’d soon begin to feel the same way I do.

How I live my faith

It's important for believers of Christ to live like, and understand who they are following. However, living like a perfect man is often challenging. For example, is it just me, or is it also in your nature to feel hateful feelings toward the person in the speeding car, that cut you off? There are lots of opportunities in a day to live contrary to Jesus' teachings. Ironically, this also means that there are the same amount of opportunities to choose Him, and fight our natural inclinations. It's become my desire to live the principles, and truths Jesus taught, and love people the way He did. I live my Faith by giving my best effort, and making changes when necessary in each aspect of my life from schoolwork, to my role as a brother, and son. Another way I strive to live my faith is by understanding, more deeply, who God is, and what He has made possible for me. I've realized that if I'm not developing my Faith, it quickly dwindles and leads to feelings and thoughts I'm not very fond of. Whereas when I'm continually learning, and acting on gospel truths, I find that my Faith is refreshed, and renewed. I believe in Christ. I'm thankful for the many sacrifices He made throughout His life, and most especially for the great and last one that allows us to grow, change, and progress.