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Hi I'm Margarita

I am Margarita, a young Chilean full of dreams and goals. I am a Massage therapist, Paralympic athlete (blind) and I am Mormon

About Me

I am a young woman full of dreams and goals I try to accomplish day by day. I have a visual disability (blind), however it doesn’t hold me back because it makes me stronger to face daily life challenges. Living with a disability makes me see life in a different perspective, it helps me realized that we are not alone in this world, the same way I rely on someone else, we all rely on other people, although a lot of people won’t admit this, it makes life more beautiful, once we are able to see beyond our own interests. I love my career as a Massage therapist, because I feel that I can help people more than just physically, it is a great career, one where you don’t need your sight, but touch, earning your patient’s trust and affection. It is beautiful to feel that with a massage you can change the mood and attitude of one person. I am a Paralympic athlete, high performance track runner, a member of the National Paralympic Chilean Athletic Club. I started this running adventure when I was 20 years old, and it has become one of the biggest challenges of my life. It hasn’t been easy, I’ve had very difficult times, but a lot of successes, not only medals, finishing every training, learning to have a balance diet, learning to lose, learning to be tenacious, self-confidence. All these things are accomplishments for me. I can honestly say that exercise has changed my life, providing me millions of happiness and success.

Why I am a Mormon

I am LDS since I was born, I go to Church with my family. My religion is everything for me, it is my life. God’s love is my strength to continue fighting day by day, life is not easy for me, however when you understand what is the purpose of our existence here on earth, when you know where you were before we were born, why we are here, and what is going to happen when we die, every sacrifice, every trial, every difficulty has a purpose and it is worth to continue to make an effort. I’ve always believed in God, my parents were an example, they raised me in a Christian family, we are not perfect, but we make an effort to be someday. They’ve asked me many times: “you are Mormon, why did your parents raised you this way, you are living in a bubble”, but I cannot deny who I am and what I feel, there is no other way of living for me, it’s not an obligation neither a tradition, it is what I want for me and my future family. I’ve had a hard life, however trials, problems or difficulties haven’t got me away from the Church, it is the opposite my faith has strengthened with every step. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. I know that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live, I unconditionally love them, I know they love us, which is why God created a Plan of Happiness for all his children. His love is so big that he send Jesus Christ to earth for us. I am sure that I wouldn’t be able to have a better friend that Jesus Christ; if He gave his life for me. I can do whatever he asks of me. I am thankful for God to have this treasure in my life, that is priceless, his gospel, a treasure so worth that his richness can reach everyone, I want to share this every day of my life…I have no doubt, that to be Mormon is to be happy!!!

How I live my faith

My faith in God and Jesus Christ gets me going day by day to be better, that is why I try to pass on to every person I know. Teaching people is my way to bless their lives, whether it is by my words or my example. I feel that God knows me very well, that is why all my assignments, and callings, within the Church have a direct connection with teaching. I was Gospel Principle teacher, which is taught to every person who wants to know and learn about the Church and for new members. I was a Seminary teacher for three years, a Church program for youth ages 14 and 18, that helps them to learn about Jesus Christ teachings and old Prophets and Apostles, registered in the scriptures. Teaching the youth changed and blessed my life completely. The love they showed me filled me with happiness. Seeing how they made daily changes to become better, gave me the strength to do the same and to live with them the teenage years, their challenges and their sorrows reminded me that I also lived those years while I was trying to put myself in their shoes. I am pretty sure that everything I taught them, will help them at some point in their lives and they will remember what they learnt and it will help them to make right decisions. I am currently a Primary teacher for children 4 to 8 years old, they fill my life and my heart. With their innocence, sweetness and humility they teach me more than I do, they love me and they make me happy. I am happy when I can give my time to others in the Church, it helps me forget about my challenges, to realized that there are small compared to the challenges other people face, and I realized that I have a lot to be thankful for, to see life in a more positive way and to learn from others beautiful experiences.