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Hi I'm Kirsteen

I was born & raised on a farm in Zimbabwe. I left home at 19 to study in the UK. I'm a wife, a new Mum and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I grew up believing in God and I have always been a Christian. I grew up on a farm in Africa and I have always known that Earth and life was created by God and that God looks out for me and wants me to enjoy what He has created. I became a Mormon in 2007, so I am what people would call ' a convert' because I was not born into the church. Before that I was a searching Christian. As I grew older, I had A LOT of questions about life and what God wanted from me (I just knew I should be doing something more, that there was more for me to know). When I moved from Zimbabwe to England in 2004, I went to university and I drifted between different Christian Churches & I really started questioning things. I realised that my knowledge on what Faith, life and the Principles of the Gospel was limited. I didnt feel like I was getting much out of talks on Sundays or growing in knowledge on topics such as charity and the role of Jesus Christ in my life.... but when I was introduced to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by a uni friend, light started to shed upon my questions, so I stopped drifting, I finished Uni, became a qualified Reflexologist, got married and now I am a new Mum (my reflexology has been put on hold for a while)!

Why I am a Mormon

When I met the Mormon Missionaries, I started to discover more about the Gospel in such detail! The first time I went to a Sunday meeting at the Latter Day Saint church, I left that meeting so excited, so full & grateful, that I couldnt wait to learn more! Suddenly all the things I had felt & hoped in my heart & soul could be true were being taught to me & read to me in the Book of Mormon. It was all being confirmed to me that it is all true! Families are Eternal & Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father and The Holy Spirit are not united in one 'body' but separate & work as a team! I loved following my Brother, Jesus Christ by getting baptised in water with the same authority John the Baptist had. I love dressing modestly & visiting members in their homes & sharing a Spiritual message outside of Church because being a Christian is more than just going to church on Sundays. I love the educational enrichment activities and parties that the church organises. I love having a responsibility that makes a difference in those children's' lives. I love that I have been sealed to my husband for all time & eternity. I know I am living the best way I can by living my life as a Mormon! I know that Jesus Christ established a perfect Church when He was on the Earth and that He gave authority to His Disciples to act in the name of God before He was crucified and that authority was lost from the earth for a time but that same church that Jesus Christ organised has been restored in its fullness again!

How I live my faith

Now that I am a Mum, I am discovering the world of baby groups, Mother and baby day-outs and how everything changes when you have a baby, yet the world is still the same and life goes on despite sleepless nights! I teach the children at our church where we live on Sundays and activities outside of church during the week. They are great kids and I love watching them grow and discover life. I believe church should be fun, a place where they feel safe and can be themselves and develop their talents. If they learn just one good thing in the hour I have prepared for them, then I feel I have done some good in the world! We have music time, sharing time, Sunday school and fun activities. I pray for all the children I teach everyday and I really hope they reach their full divine potential and love life! I am finding Motherhood tough but I wanted a family and I feel very blessed to have one and I cherish it and will keep on asking for help from God because I know that Motherhood is part of God's plan and is the work of Angels and I believe that and I hope that I am doing a good job! I hope I have done and will keep on doing some good in the world and I hope I will keep on doing my best to be my best! :)