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Hi I'm Kristin

I am from Oregon. I love science, baking, and college football. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in the kind-of country outside of Portland, Oregon. I have four siblings and a really cute niece. I love hiking, cooking, baking, music, science, and the outdoors. Baking is so fun for me, but I love food in general. There is nothing better on a summer day than going to pick delicious Oregon fruits or berries, then going home and making a pie out of them. I also really love college football! I just graduated from college. I have a bachelor's degree in Biology, I am studying to go to medical school for pediatrics. I am leaving for a mission to Spain soon, and medical school is my plan after that.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I would be lost without Christ in my life. The Book of Mormon is literally all about Christ. Christ is my rock. It seems so cheesy, like I should be singing Hallelujah right now and dance around clapping. I'm not dancing. I am just sitting at my computer chair thinking about all of the times that I have felt alone, and Christ has been there for me. I listened to a talk recently in which the speaker was talking about the idea that we have to do our best on this earth, and Christ covers the rest. Its not that Christ didn't cover all that needs to be covered for us to return to live with God, because He did. But as we do our best to follow Christ's example we show our gratitude and our desire to be better. He painted a picture, not of a Christ who is just waiting for us at the finish line for us to "do our part." Christ doesn't just wait at the finish line of our lives. He walks with us, comforts and supports us. My dad died when I was 16. That night I remember that I couldn't make myself stop crying. His spirit kept me calm, and I felt his presence. He guides me to make good decisions, he comforts me when I get bad grades, and supports me when I start new chapters in my life. My testimony of Christ and the love that God has for me sustains me when I feel like a loser. The Book of Mormon testifies of these truths, and I know the Mormon church is the Church of Christ, with a prophet as the earthly head. I am grateful that I am one of those crazy Mormons.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying to improve each day. As I read any of the scriptures, but lately, the Book of Mormon, I am reminded of what a perfect loving example Christ was when he lived on this earth. It can be daunting to try to follow his example, because I am human and I mess up on little things all the time. But as I read my scriptures each day, I am strengthened by his example. I learn more of His character and how He lived and I have a greater resolve to do better. I try to each day do something better than I did the day before. I try to serve more, love more, have His spirit more because of my actions. I mess up, like everyone does, but as I pray to my Heavenly Father, I am forgiven for my mistakes, and I really believe that through the Atonement, I can be literally strengthened, physically, to improve upon my weak areas and become better each day through His strength and example. It is amazing to me what I can get through, and what I can overcome because Christ is by my side, because He and Heavenly Father love me, and because I am strengthened through His Atonement.

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

Mormons do not practice polygamy. Leaders in the early church did, and this can be a really hard road block in learning about the church. It has been for me too. I am somewhat of a Mormon feminist and I do not like the idea of polygamy. I don't think I will get exact answers to this early church practice in this life, but I do know a few things that help me understand it. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and I really believe that this was a commandment of the Lord. These answers are only my personal speculation, but it does seem possible that this was done perhaps because the Lord knew that much persecution would come in the early Church. Husbands were killed, Mormon pioneers died in desperation as they were forced to move west because of persecution. These physical restraints from the church growing as fast as the Lord needed it to may have been reason for His command. It is possible that it also served as a test, a hard thing for the men and women involved to overcome in order to build their faith and to prove to themselves their full committment to Christ's gospel. Just my thoughts, but I believe with a surety that the prophets of this church are called of God and speak His word. Show more Show less