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Hi I'm Jordan Nishimoto

I live in Mukilteo, Washington. I'm serving a mission in the 4 corners area on the Navajo Indian Reservation, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a junior in college and studying Biology. I hope to one day go into the medical field to fulfill my dream of helping other people. I love basketball in any way, shape or form. I love the NBA. Fishing is something that I also enjoy doing. I read books of any kind. Public speaking is something that I've worked hard to improve on. Once I was scared to even get up in front of a group of people! Through speech and debate classes in high school and college I have been able to truly enjoy the thrill of public speaking. I have four siblings that are amazing. My youngest sister has Down-Syndrome so she has an extra chromosome. She has been a joy and delight to my family. Sometimes it can be hard to work with her, and sometimes she isn't happy to do what we want, but she loves people. She loves people unconditionally. That means so much to me.

Why I am a Mormon

What is a Mormon? I like to think that a Mormon is someone who will help other people in any situation and follow Christ. Why am I a Mormon? Numerous answers to that question exist, with perhaps, each longer than the next. For me, to be a Mormon is a privilege. I think that I am a Mormon because I believe in the Book of Mormon. I believe in the organization that Christ once had on the earth, and I believe it is here today. I am a Mormon because I believe Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon. I am a Mormon because I believe that Christ lives. I know this Church is where he wants me to be. I know that by following the teachings in the Book of Mormon, I can return to my God and dwell with him once again.

How I live my faith

I have been a member of the church for my whole life. I've had opportunities to help other people. Some old and some young. I've been able to do little things like mow a lawn, paint a fence, and pull weeds. I've done other things too. I've been able to really listen to people. To get to know them. I've laughed with them and I've cried with them. I've shared in their lives and they in mine. Throughout my experience in the church I have been able to spend time with so many diverse and amazing people.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Jordan Nishimoto
Mormons actually help a lot of people outside of our church. We provide a lot of aid especially in times of trouble. We provided extensive help during Hurricane Katrina and Sandy. Mormons are very serious about helping those that need help. Something I find, that is fantastic about the way our church helps others, is a emphasis on making others self-reliant. For example if your son or friend is trying to tie a half-hitch knot, and you do it for them, they may still not know how to tie it for themselves in the future. The church would spend time to show whoever it is how to tie the knot so that they can do it for themselves in the future. Show more Show less

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

Jordan Nishimoto
I think that there are several ways that we can increase faith. Personally, I view faith as an action word. I find that as I apply doctrines that I learn, my faith in those doctrines increase. I also think that we can strengthen our faith by continual learning. As I receive and learn more truth and life, I find that it only adds to my beliefs of things I have learned prior. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Jordan Nishimoto
I'd like to think that I'm just like everyone else I know. I'm a human being. I have hopes, thoughts, dreams, opinions, and ideas like any other person. I'm just like you. Yes, perhaps we do differ in some ways. Perhaps one of these ways is in what we believe. So with that said, being a Mormon is a privilege. It can be great. The things we believe are wonderful. We preach of kindness, tolerance, love, and doing good to all men. This means I get the opportunity to serve my fellow human beings. Being a Mormon is like being in a huge family consisting of millions. Wherever you go, the Church believes the same things. From China to Uruguay it is the same. Wherever you go you can be welcomed and loved. We are all in this together. Church members support each other. That's all I've really wanted in life. To feel a sense of importance. To have a feeling of belonging. In the church you get that and you get to give that to others. Being a Mormon means carrying responsibility. It means standing up for what is right, even if no one else is. It means going out and doing your very best to make this world a better place. To be a Mormon...is to try and be like Christ. What more could anyone want? Show more Show less