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Hi I'm Shawn

I'm a Californian, a Raider fan, a music lover, and a beard man. But most importantly, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in and have grown up in California, and I can say I enjoy it. I went to Los Osos High School and graduated, a Grizzly. I am a relatively quiet and shy person, but I enjoy meeting and learning about people. I have grown to love the world of sports. I enjoy basketball and football especially. My favorite pro team is the Silver and Black, the Oakland Raiders. I also enjoy writing as a way of expressing myself. I also enjoy playing the guitar and the ukulele, but especially the ukulele. I currently attend school full-time as a business major. I have been through hard times, and good times. I can see life as a blessing, despite how hard it may be. I am an imperfect person, but I try my best to be sincere and good to my family, my friends, my fellow man, and my God. That's Shawny boy for ya!

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in this Church. I was around it my entire life, but wasn't personal or real for me, at least not yet. I have gotten myself into trouble plenty of times, and I have done some pretty foolish things. Yet I am grateful that I had a Christian understanding and sense of right and wrong. I was baptized and confirmed a member of this Church when I was eight years old. I remember that I was excited and I felt that I had done the right thing. I believed in God and Jesus Christ. Time passed, and challenges arose. As we all do, I faced challenges and had some hardship. My faith faltered in consequence of that hardship. I no longer had the desire to really be a part of this Church because I did not have a clear understanding on why I needed it, or the Gospel it taught. I wasn't even sure why I needed a God or a Savior. Throughout high school I did not really want much to do with any of it. However, in my senior year I really wanted to know for myself if what I had been taught growing up was true. I set out to gain a witness of the truth from God. I desired a witness of Him, of Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon, the Gospel and this Church. As I prayed and studied the scriptures, my knowledge grew. I began to understand the purpose of my existence, and the need for a God. Things began to make sense. The scriptures taught me to put my faith in Jesus Christ, and when I did I received that witness of truth from the Sprit of God. Everything within me exclaimed that God lives, that Jesus Christ was His Son and lives, and that they love and know me. I also learned by the Spirit, that the Book of Mormon was indeed true. I also learned that Gospel, and the Church that shares it was true. I also learned that Joseph Smith was a Prophet, and he did see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I'm a Mormon, because God lives, Jesus Christ lives, and they granted my desire for the truth. I'm a Mormon because Jesus Christ has restored His Gospel and Church, and directs it by a Prophet.

How I live my faith

I am a member of this Church and I enjoy being a part of it. I attend the worship services on Sundays and am also able to participate with my fellow young adults in various activities and events. I attend a young adult "ward" or "congregation". It not only gives me the opportunity to be around those who share my values, but to be around and learn with those my age. I am able to assist another man in my ward in helping to teach and visit other certain individuals in our ward. We have the opportunity to learn about them, become their friend, serve them, and teach them more about Jesus Christ. Any member of this Church has their challenges. I definitely have mine. Living a life devoted to God can sometimes be difficult. Nevertheless, I strive to love God as best as I can by keeping His commandments and doing my best. God knows that nobody is perfect, and I obviously fit into that category. When I make mistakes, offend someone or offend God, I fix it by remembering Jesus Christ and taking the necessary action to improve and try to be better. Although I make mistakes, I am blessed to know that as I go through each day and try my best, doing all I can do, then Jesus Christ will make up the difference, and I can rely on His strength when I face those challenges that I cannot face on my own.