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Hi I'm Nate

I live in the desert. I'm a Veteran, husband, father, college graduate, retired Urban Planner. I am a Mormon convert.

About Me

My life thus far has has been spent in the Hot places of the US. Even in the US Navy I worked in the engine room of a Ship, another Hot place. This is not to say I do not like air conditioning. I greatly appreciate it. I am also very glad there are others like me who like to live here. I am not alone. The Desert is beautiful. It leads me to appreciate the beauty in others. I have spent the last 30 years or so helping communities in the desert answer their urban planning questions. These type questions are some of the very hardest questions to answer because there are a lot of wrong answers and only a few right ones. Getting to the right answers for a particular city is a hard task. Leading each city to those answers was the fun part of my career. One thing I have noticed when faced with the same question repeatedly asked folks frequently change their minds. As more thought is focused on a question our answers change. Our first response to a question is usually an off-the-cuff remark not well thought out. This was my response to the Missionaries when they asked me to read the Book of Mormon. "How can that book help me"? "Just read the book", they replied. So the Book sat around on my book shelf for a couple of weeks and every time I met with them they would ask if I had read the book. The more I was asked to read the Book my answers to their question changed until my wife and I finally pick up the Book and started reading. The Book of Mormon has change our lives.

Why I am a Mormon

Before I joined the Church, I was hungry. I had a hunger that could only be satisfied by the idea's of the world. I look for an antidote to end my state of confusion in College. "What was the meaning of my life on this earth"? "What was my place in it'? I was seeking an antidote to end my state of confusion. I needed something to fill me up. One day two Missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints knocked on our front door. they did two things for me, they introduced me to the Book of Mormon and they taught me to pray. They told me that the Book of Mormon would answer my questions. I asked them "How can this Book fill my aching soul? How can this Book end my confusion? What makes you think this Book has all the answers"? Elder Sill and Elder Wight said, "Just read the Book!" "Pray about it". "Just do an experiment read the Book, it can't hurt you". It will only help you and your wife in your search for happinessI". My wife and I read the book and knelt down and prayed about the Book before I was baptized. I was amazed with the depth of feeling that swarmed over me. Somehow this Book found me. I am here to tell all those who may be wandering aimlessly, searching for something to satisfy and fill you up. Looking for something to end your state of confusion, emptiness, the Book of Mormon will satisfy your hunger. It will help you find the straight path. It will anchor your soul to Jesus Christ. It will provide you with a Vision of your role on this earth. You will see your place within the Plan of Salvation. It will make you a much better person, father or mother if you follow its precepts. It will show you the importance of your family, both on this earth and in the next world to come. Since those first lessons with the Missionaries, I have read the Book of Mormon and the Old and New Testaments many times. Taken as a whole, they provide me with the "sweet assurance and comforting peace" provided by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I have often asked myself, "What is it about me personally, that has kept me active in the Church the past 40 years or so"? I think the answer lies in this fact. Men in this Church are Men of Action. We are not Men of Action the world thinks we should be. We are Men of God. We "Pray, Go and Do". Through prayer we find ways to serve others.