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Hi I'm Anthony

I'm a 6th grade math teacher in central North Carolina. I love life, my wife and daughter, and being a Mormon!

About Me

I am a teacher of mathematics, who enjoys running, sewing, cooking, and playing games with my wife and daughters.

Why I am a Mormon

In my early teenage years, I wanted to dedicate my life to God and following Him. I prayed to know which church to join and didn't receive an immediate answer. I decided that I would follow Him in the Catholic church I grew up with. A couple years later, I was confronted about the way I live my life and if I truly lived what I believed. After the conversation I knelt and prayed again to know where I should go and what I should do so that I could serve to my potential. As I finished praying I felt a burning in my heart that filled my soul with joy. I could almost feel a voice prodding my mind and heart that I would be happiest serving as a father and husband. I felt that was the most meaningful way I could serve to my potential. It was during this experience that I reflected on the people in my life and how they lived what they believed and what it meant for their family. My thoughts turned to my dad in the LDS church. It was the daily scripture study and prayer, regular family activity, and deep gospel roots that attracted me to the mormon church. I soon found that what I had been searching for, to dedicate my life to God and serve Him, was right here. I serve as a faithful priesthood bearing husband, a dedicated father, and a diligent follower of Jesus Christ. I served as a missionary for two years, and continue to help others in their spiritual quests regardless of which church they belong. I know who I am, where I come from, where I am going with my family, and I am a mormon.

How I live my faith

I strive to study the gospel on a daily basis. My favorite writings are from Isaiah and John as well as The Book of Mormon. I serve as a clerk and secretary to our local ecclesiastical leader. I organize records, schedule appointments, create meeting agendas, and update rosters for Sunday classes. It is all done voluntarily for I know that the Lord's work is done in wisdom and order. I love to serve and help where I can. I call and visit those I go to church with and work with and help them know that they are of great worth and value. As a teacher, I don't share my religion with my students, but I make teaching an opportunity to help empower my students to take on challenges with confidence. Teaching is a tool to help them develop character so they can accomplish anything in life, and mathematics is a medium I use to show them that they are capable of doing and understanding hard things. Not all of my students do outstanding in mathematics, but I try to make sure they feel that they gave it their best and it is just as rewarding. At home I dedicate my time for my family. I love cooking with my wife and daughter. They are so funny when we are all making a mess together. We love to share what we make with our neighbors and have them come to enjoy dinner and games with us. We enjoy getting to know people whether we have the same faith or not. We enjoy life in it's fulness and are grateful to be surrounded by wonderful family and wonderfully different people.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Moses, in his time, was called as a prophet to lead the children of Israel out of captivity in Egypt. Once they were led into the wilderness, God through Moses gave the Israelite the priesthood. Moses is held in very high regards by many faiths, especially Christianity. However he is not worshiped, because we know that it is through God that all of Moses works were possible. They were done for the furthering of God's purposes and the blessing of God's children. Joseph Smith for us is seen in the same light. Joseph Smith was God's prophet. It is through him that the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored. This includes the precious principles of the Gospel lost in the compilation and translation of the bible have been restored, the priesthood authority to bless, baptize, and seal in heaven and on earth has been restored, and the receiving of the gift of the Holy Ghost through the laying on of hands as done by the ancient Apostles of Christ has been restored. I know that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet and not a wolf in sheep's clothing, because I have felt the Spirit of the Lord. The Spirit only testifies of those things which come of God. I have read the Book of Mormon, and it has strengthened my testimony of the reality of Jesus Christ. I have a firmer resolve to follow Christ and live His commandments because of what I have read and what I have felt as I read it. This is the Church of Jesus Christ, and Joseph Smith was the prophet of the restoration. Show more Show less