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Hi I'm Deirdre.

l'm from Ireland. I'm married to a wonderful man called Kevin that l love very much and I'm a mormon! :)

About Me

l love life! I'm irish and come from a loving family where we grew up having family prayer and l remember my dad (who's now passed away) reading us Bible stories. Those were special times. l loved school but hated homework. I still love learning new things now. Some of my interests include spending time with friends and family, giving service, singing (I'm in the British Pageant choir :)), reading, watching movies - especially feel good movies, horses, nature, languages and travel and DIY. l did some grouting for the first time last week. lt was fun to learn how to do it. l also love FOOD!!! l could talk for hours about food. l love food from all nationalities that l've tried so far, and l've tried a lot! I'm also married. :) Myself and Kevin got married last year and it's been amazing. We've been friends for about 11 years so we knew each other really well. We even dated before but it didn't work out back then. In all that time, we've never argued. We're blessed to be able to talk to one another and not be judgemental. He's my best friend. We don't have any children yet but look forward to having some bless our home. l'm also blessed to have been able to serve a mission for the Church in Montreal, Canada from '98 to '00. It was an amazing time of personal and spiritual growth. I came to see how the Lord really does lead this Work. I saw miracles happen. Later, I was blesed to teach in the Preston MTC. I know God loves me and I am His daughter.

Why I am a Mormon

The biggest, most important and most difficult thing that I've done in my life so far was to be baptised into the Church. That said, it's the most rewarding. The first time l saw missionaries, I was walking up the street and they were walking down it. I felt something special. I was drawn to them. They taught me there and then about the restoration of the Gospel, Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon. It filled my soul and I knew it was true. I met them almost every day. I couldn’t get enough. The more they taught me, the more questions I had. They asked me to be baptised more than once but although I knew the Church was true, I wasn’t ready to commit because I was afraid of hurting my family, as I knew it would cause problems. It was only when I got to the point where I came to love the Saviour more than I loved my own family, that I said I’d be baptised. I felt so scared but yet a great peace. Soon after, as I was waiting for the Elders to visit me, I had an experience where everything I'd done wrong in the past came back to haunt me. Things I'd forgotten about. They kept coming. I felt so dirty, so unworthy. I realised then how badly I wanted to be part of the Saviour's Church. I didn’t realise how much I’d come to love Him. I cried because I felt I wasn't good enough. When the Elders came, I told them how I felt I couldn’t be baptised. They looked at each other, smiled and said, "She's ready." They explained how the Saviour atoned for all our sins so we can be forgiven. We don’t need to be perfect to be part of the Church. We just need to want to be and be willing to follow the Saviour. The horrible feelings I had disappeared and I was able to look forward to my baptism again. 10 February 1998 was one of the best days of my life. As Elder Bennion lifted me out of the water, I felt cleaner than I’d ever felt in my life and I knew it was because I had literally been forgiven of my sins. I know Jesus lives and that He is literally my Saviour and I love Him for it.

How I live my faith

At church at the moment, I work with the Young Women (girls aged between 12 and 17). I love and admire these girls tremendously as I see and hear how they work to overcome the temptations of the world and how the strive to keep the commandments of the Lord so that they can be morally clean and confident before their peers. l love how the Personal Progress program of the Church helps them, and us as their leaders, to gain skills and learn compassion and greater spiritual knowledge. I have also worked in the Primary with the children and with the women of the Church too. l'm grateful for all the opportunities to serve that I've been given so far. I love the Visiting Teaching program too, where we as sisters in the Gospel, go two by two to visit other sisters and share a spiritual message and get to know them and do what we can to reach out to their needs. It is an inspired program that helps us develop charity, service, sacrifice, friendships and opens our hearts and minds to new experiences and other opportunities for personal growth, as well as being able to help others in their own personal growth and difficulties. l love to share the Gospel with others in whatever ways I can. I try to be the best example I can of how the Saviour would like me to behave. I also pray lots for friends and family. I pray for inspiration to reach out to anyone I can and for opportunities to serve. I love helping others. It makes me feel good, and I like to feel good. :) I pray daily on my own but also with my husband. We pray morning and evening together and we read the scriptures together daily too. It blesses our marriage. It helps us to have the Lord's Spirit with us and it keeps harmony and peace in our home. l try to see the good in everyone and I've been learning how it's so important not to judge people. We can never tell exactly why a person behaves as they do. We all have our problems and weaknesses. I'm grateful that it's not my job to be the final judge!

What is Mormonism? OR What do Mormons believe?

Mormonism is about making bad people good and good people better. It's about living the best we can so that we can be the best we can by following the teachings of Jesus Christ. It's about rising about the world and worldly things. Being in the world but not of it. It's a wonderful way of life where you see yourself grow and mature. It's freedom to be able to choose for ourselves. Yes, we may have more commandments than most other religions but we still have the freedom to choose whether we keep them or not. When we do, we're blessed with greater spiritual strength to be able to continue to overcome temptations. That in turn, enables us to be independant of so many of the additions around, like alcohol, sex, drugs etc. Mormonism is about living a happy life and having peace knowing that we're trying to be like Jesus and He'll bless us accordingly. Show more Show less