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Hi I'm Alfredo

I'm Dominican, valedictorian of my School, a future doctor, a friend, a brother and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Books, books, books! I love books! I also enjoy learning about the nature and the human body. I'm studying Medicine (the best ever!) and I love helping people deal with their pain and problems. I like to sing a lot: sing and you'll always be happy! I want to know every culture in the world. Wouldn't be fantastic to meet people of different countries? Eat their food? Sing their songs?! Yes, it would (specially if we're talking about Japan!) HP... Do you know what HP means? The Harry Potter saga! I love all the Hogwarts's magic world and I'm always gonna be a huge fan of the Harry Potter books. Sports? Nah, I don't play any sports; but I like to watch them: soccer, basket and gymnastics (oh and swimming and pool stuff).

Why I am a Mormon

My mom and my dad were from different religions. Since I was a kid I used to go to both churches (LDS included) but then my Mormon grandmother said I had to choose my destiny, my faith; that no one could decide it for me. So I began to think and pray about it. I read the scriptures a lot (both the Bible and the Book of Mormon) and tried to figure out what was the best to do. But then I realized that when I went to the LDS Church I felt so great... With a lot peace and joy and there were a lot of happy people and I felt a strong feeling of joy when people shared their testimony. But what confirmed my the decision the most was a special dream I had about Joseph Smith's first vision. It was so special and I felt like a warmth in my heart which let me feel that what I had been dreaming at the moment was true. So from that day on, I knew God did appeared to Joseph Smith and that the Mormons were right: God is still loving us and now that the world is so cold, prophets are being chosen again to show us the way to return to a Heavenly place. I don't know why I'm so sure about it...I'm telling the truth: God exists, He is our Heavenly Father, He has a Son called Jesus Christ who died for us but now He lives. Jesus Christ restored His Church so that people like us can turn into Him and be happy for ever with our own families. I know there is a living prophet. And I know the Book of Mormon is a wonderful book. It brings me peace and is the book that strengthens my faith the most.

How I live my faith

To show other people how much I love my faith I try to serve them in every single way. By doing so, I think I would demonstrate the teachings of Jesus Christ. So giving the fact that I've known many things through reading books...I teach! I teach young men and women in problematic subjects and help them with their homework. Teaching with the heart (and the mind) is a wonderful action to show other people you love them. At church I work with young men too: I'm like his big brother and they can rely on me any worries or desires so I can try to look for ways to accomplish them with my church leaders. We can say I'm like their representative. At church, I sing in a wonderful choir so that other people can feel the testimony I have and the love of our God through music. I also help cleaning my apartment building and the parks of my city: keep it clean, keep it beauty!

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Have you ever studied immunology? It's unbelievable how complex our body is. And only a God could have created such an amazing structure like human body or the planet Earth or the whole Solar System. Everything is just so perfect... Just have a little faith. Show more Show less

How can I find someone to talk with, in person, about the Mormon religion?

Hey, why don't you talk to a Mormon missionary? Yeah, you know: those young men and women with formal clothes and a plate saying "elder" or "sister"? They can help you a lot! Or you just can talk to a friend that's member of the church! Show more Show less