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Hi I'm Michael Tetto

I grew up in New Jersey where I joined the church. I am an assistant principal at a high school - and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a first generation American on both sides of my family. My mother is from Germany and my father is from Italy. I grew up in New Jersey where I converted to the church when I was 20 years old. Since then I served a mission for the church in Italy and got to see where my father and grandfather were born. After I came home I got married and now have three children. My wife and I have lived in New Jersey, Arizona and I finished school at BYU in Utah. I worked as a high school teacher for four years and then got a master's degree from Regent University and became an assistant principal at a middle school. Currently, I am an assistant principal at a high school. My home is 112 years old and is my main hobby. I have renovated almost all parts of the house and enjoy making it look better than when I purchased it. My other hobby is baking. I live in a rural area of Virginia and sometimes it is hard to come across good breads so I began baking my own and have a lot of fun with that.

Why I am a Mormon

Although my family was protestant when I grew up, we never attended any church. My mother would openly discuss religion and the bible with my brother and myself and we grew up believing in God and believing that the bible is God's Word. After I graduated from high school I had some decisions to make about the kind of man I wanted to be and one day told my mother that I wanted to find out more about religion. She suggested that I read the bible. I read the New Testament and was so moved that I wanted to study more. I decided I would get a study bible, bible handbooks and a notebook and began taking notes on every chapter in the bible beginning with Genesis chapter 1. After several months of this - and many conversations with my mother and brother we decided we needed to find a church - but which one was the challenge. Based on our readings in the bible we looked for churches that taught of baptism by full submersion and taught that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are three distinct personages. We could find no Protestant church that taught these teachings. One day we saw a commercial for the Book of Mormon and decided to order it. When the missionaries came I was amazed by what I heard and decided that I would take notes on the Book of Mormon when I was done with the bible. A few days later the missionaries asked us to pray to God to know if what they were saying was true. I decided to take up their challenge and received my answer to join the church. Two weeks after meeting the missionaries my family and I were baptized into the chuch. My conversion was a powerful experience for me but what drives me to stay involved in the church today is not simply a prayer from 18 years ago - but constantly trying be worthy of the blessings the Lord has in store for me. My life has changed in ways that I could not have imagined and I have been so blessed for joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

How I live my faith

In my family we read the scriptures every day. We have small children and sometimes read from children's scripture stories but we have recently completed the Book of Mormon as a family and have practiced reading it in Italian with our children. Because I live in an area where our church membership is small, it is common for members to participate by serving in many areas of the church. Our members volunteer their time and serve in what we call "callings" which are assigned by prayer. Our members serve as Sunday School Teachers, they help members and the community out through service they teach children and participate in the Cub and Boy Scouts. My service in the church involves being the "Branch President" which means that I am the eclesiastial minister for our congregation - much like an unpaid pastor or priest. My family and I have been very blessed as I served the Lord in my calling because it helps us all to step out a little from our selves so that we can help people. The thing I love the most about my service is when I see people turn to Christ and how their lives are blessed for it.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

Michael Tetto
Sometimes when I speak to people and tell them that in my church we believe that God has called prophet to lead and guide us they ask, "What has your prophet prophesied about?" This question harkens back to the prophecies of Old Testament Prophets who warned of wars and famines if the people did not repent. I have learned over the years that prophets have always warned people about the dangers that face their society. Thousands of years ago the threats to society where invading countries, droughts and so forth. These dangers meant life and death for people but in much of the world we don't fear constant invasion, pestilence, famines, etc. So when I am asked this question from people I tell them how God always called prophets to warn the people about the dangers in their society and then I ask them, "If God called a Prophet today what would you expect him to warn against?" Many times people speak of every concern we face in society, "The economy", "abortion", "education", "divorce", etc. are all topics that people have told me - and they are right. Our prophet has warned us about unneccessary debts, has taught us about the sanctity of life, the value of education and has taught that the family is central in God's plan for us. These are the concerns we face and every six months we get to hear from our prophet at General Conference. We have been warned about the dangers we face and, as in the Old Testament, we will be blessed if we follow our prophet. Show more Show less