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Hi I'm Tommy

I grew up in Utah. I love hard exercise: Plyometrics, weight training and Yoga. I'm a all-american boy and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm an 18 year old boy from Utah. My family consists of a mom, a dad and 8 kids. I am the 4th child. My family is great, but they're loud and obnoxious. I just graduated from high school last month! I went to a charter high school with a focus on the concept of servant leadership. At the school, we would participate in service projects and we would study from the classics, like Jane Austin, the works of Socrates and Thomas Jefferson. We also read things like Alice in Wonderland and Sherlock Holmes. The school had a really good feel. It was a great learning environment. I really enjoy exercising. I love to do the P90X workouts and take great care of my body. I would like to be a fitness professional after I go on my mission.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a family that belongs to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormon Church). I have gone to church nearly every Sunday since I was born. There are two other boys my same age, in my neighborhood, who have also grown up in the Church. One of them had been living in this neighborhood for 7 years, and has always come to church and been a part of things. He's a bit different, but then, who isn't? He's a very fun, silly young man. The other boy moved in across the street when we were 5 years old. For years, we've been in the same Sunday school classes. He's very confident and athletic, suave and good at talking to people. Sadly, about 2 years ago both of them stopped coming to church or to Scouting activities. (The LDS Church supports the Boy Scouts of America. We believe that the Scouting program teaches young boys good standards and leadership skills and helps them become great men). I've never stopped coming to church or to Scouting activities. I think that everyone loses their way a little bit at some point. But it's scary to think that some people may not ever find their way back. I've been a little lost before and I've been scared, but I never left the church. The 2 boys I talked about will hopefully come back some day. I know that right now they are going through hard times. It's a difficult world that we live in, and I've probably had more people in my life who were a light to me through the dark times. Maybe I understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ a little better. I am very grateful for good friends that have helped me stay on the right path.Whenever I have strayed, I have begun to feel unhappy and frustrated.Thankfully, I've been able to come back around, and remember that happiness is following Christ's teachings. There is no good reason for me to not be a Mormon. Living the gospel of Jesus Christ has helped me to be able to avoid addictions, and I've found peace & happiness. The light of the gospel has helped me to stay strong.

How I live my faith

I grew up in a Mormon family. Not everyone who grows up Mormon likes the way we live or wants what LDS people want. Some of my brothers are pretty lazy and don't do all the things they should do. I try to live my religion, and I love it! One thing I do is help collect Fast Offerings. I go out the first Sunday of every month to see if members of my ward would like to contribute. (A ward is the group of people in my general area that meet each Sunday for church) We're all supposed to fast on that day, and after church I go around to the members' houses and ask if they would like to"offer" the money they would have spent on food for that day. The money goes to the Bishop, the leader of our ward, and the Bishop sends it to the Bishop's Store House where it pays for food and clothing for people who are in need. It's important for young men like me to help with Fast Offerings. I also like to go Home Teaching. I go out with a companion, and we visit members of our Church and see how they are doing. We maybe leave a message from the scriptures or the teachings of the Church. It's a great way to make new friends and become closer in the gospel. Sometimes I get to help organize activities for our youth group. It's a lot of fun! Helping with Fast Offerings, going Home Teaching, working with the youth, all these things are a great part of how I live and what I believe. Going to church on Sunday is also important, being ready to help someone in need, reading the Scriptures, and many other things. I love being a member of the LDS Church!