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Hi I'm Gary

I feel lucky to have been born a lancashire lad with the same luck went on a blind date and married my wonderful wife.

About Me

Since I can remember I have always loved being in cars and couldn't wait to start driving. As a little boy I would imagine myself as a racing car driver. I imagined it would be thrilling as well as scary. I have not ended up being a racing car driver, but I am a driving instructor. I find this thrilling and probably much more scary ,i love eating and I am finally starting to get a tummy to prove it. I love being outside,last year we cycled coast to coast with the young men from our church - that was a challenge!! I love canoeing, I love wild camping (camping on top of mountains). My body feels a bit battered from the activities I have chosen to do, but I love life, even with the aches and pains. I have been blessed with an active mind which as a young man lead me to ask questions like where did I come from? Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? I have always believed in God and His Son Jesus Christ and I am amazed every time I read the scriptures relating to his ministry and the example he left. Hey, if your going to pick a hero, why not pick the one that has done the most for humanity. I feel so privileged that I was brought into the Church through the efforts of 2 young men called Elders from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Most of my family are not members of the Church, but because I am a member I have learnt to value them even more.

Why I am a Mormon

Early in my life i thought i had it sorted,car, wife, house and a fun happy life but i kept feeling even as blest as i was something was missing, i would often pray at nights thanking god for what i had and on one occasion asked if there was something else i should be doing with my life, a clear strong thought came to my mind i was to become a mormon (i had spent some time in the past entertaining my self by talking to some elders that came knocking on my door i had never opened my heart to the things they said and had always looked for floors in there teaching after a wile i asked them not to call by as i felt a little guilty stringing them along as i had no desires to join my self to there church) i told god that wasn't for me i would do other things if he asked but not that , i got back into bed and tried to sleep i couldn't sleep as i felt i couldn't just say no to god so i got out of bed and said in prayer ok if i bump into the elders again in this life time i would listen with an open mind and heart but i wasnt saying i would join ,feeling better i got into bed and slept well 9am the following morning the phone rand an elder from the church of jesus christ of latter day saints was asking me if he could share a message with me, i ask how he got my phone number and he said i had given my number to some elders 7/8 months ago and as he got up that morning and started to pray a clear strong thought came to him to look at the book of potential investigators as he looked through this old book my name just stud out , my head told me this was just a coincident my heart told me god listens to prayers and he was real , i knew i would have to make some changes but i am so glad that twenty years ago i made them, my life if full my faith in Christ grows daily my family have benefited from that pray and i know there is a god and his son is my friend and saviour

How I live my faith

I live me faith in my home. I try to be the best Dad I can be, this often means being humble, listening, apologising when I get things wrong. I try to be a good example to my children and wife. I live my faith at work. To me this means being a good example to the people that I meet being friendly, polite, happy, going the extra mile whenever possible to help the people I am around. When teaching a difficult student, resisting the urge not to strangle them with both hands, but to smile and be patient as they learn. I found this to be a good practice and have built many friendships. I currently serve as Bishop to a newly established ward, once again I have learned that patience and love brings about miracles in peoples lives, i try to live my life fashioned after the saviours example, but i have a way to go, if i tried walking on water i would get very wet that said my hope and faith my everything, all that i am, all i believe, all i want to be,is because of our saviours grace