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Hi I'm Cookie

I'm a linguist, runner, writer. I laugh arbitrarily and I travel. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

4 things about me? 1. I owe a lot to family the ones who have taught me about love, honor, and service. 2. I’m a small Asian eruption of enthusiasm. I try to come off cool and poised, but in reality I am an overly excited, bubbling gaggle of awkward energy. Corgis and I get along real well. 3. As a Mormon, I have the opportunity to worship wherever I live and travel. It’s a lifelong affair: to hear what other people go -- it is humbling. Short story? One day, I met a lovely French woman at an LDS church in the Middle East. It was one of those crucial moments in life. It was the moment that I – and my country – had waited for all my life: I thanked her for the help. “Help?” she responded, puzzled. Embarrassed by myself, I awkwardly explained, “help in the...in the…American...revolution." There was a blank stare from everyone sharing my awkward space. I quietly reflected. Then, in a wonderful miracle she smiled warmly at and laughed with this little Oriental fur ball. That lovely woman. About me? 4. I dearly love to laugh.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been struck by how lonely things can be. Then one day, I was simply asked, "would you like to hear from the missionaries?" I am Mormon because I found a happiness that I never knew existed. I am a Mormon because the word "family" no longer is one of pain, but of joy and of belonging. I am a Mormon because one day I prayed, and studied the Book of Mormon, and tested, and listened, and knew. Everything that has been hard to bear, difficult to face, down right stinky — with the knowledge of my Savior, everything has given me hope, and knowledge, and love. I am a Mormon because I made a decision to follow Christ and learn, learn, learn. It’s been hard, and yet each time it gets hard — and in times of great joy — I do and continue to look to the Lord. I carry and pray to my Father in Heaven for this continued desire and conviction of the living reality of the Almighty. The Lord has guided my life extraordinarily and He is who I choose to follow. I am a Mormon because I have hope and faith in myself and in the Lord. I have so much to learn and that’s kind of exciting, right?

How I live my faith

One day in Turkey, I had a really bad day. I got a shard of glass stuck in my foot figuratively...and then literally. I stewed on the roof of the university until I received a phone call: the missionaries. While by this time I was a member of the church, they had felt the need to offer me a personal lesson. I scowled at the bus stop until a Turkish woman offered me half of her bread. I could no longer remember my anger -- she offered me half of all she had. When I finally saw the missionaries, all of the ups and downs of the last 24-hours spilled out everywhere. Everywhere. I finished. I waited. I looked up. In kindness, the missionary asked, "Did you pray for charity this morning?" Asked in the most sincere and gentle way possible, that question has changed my life. That is how I try to live my faith: We believe in loving others, as our Heavenly Father does, no matter their religion, race, or circumstance. In my church callings, I serve wherever I am, by the teachings of the Holy Ghost. Keeping a travel blog and posting photos, I share my testimony telling others about my travels and faith. I try to learn everything I can from secular and divine knowledge. I am not perfect, but I live my faith by having hope and acting on the knowledge that the Savior will come again.