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Hi I'm Lorilei

I dye my hair blue. I have a fauxhawk. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Me? I'm just like you ;) I love video games, I love snowboarding. Favorite pastime? Reading wins that one. I love to write, and more than that I love to share my stories with others. After all I believe the only true way to understand this crazy thing called life is by experiencing it through the eyes of others. I love to travel. People who are different are the ones who teach us the most. New cultures open new possibilities. I want to be a teacher, I want to help open the eyes of children to the wonder of the world our Heavenly father has blessed us with. I love rock music, I love hip-hop dancing, I'm uber jealous of break dancers. In fact let's just say I love ALL dancing, I'm on the ballroom dance team at my college and it ROCKS!! I don't drink but some of the best nachos I've had is served in one of my local bars. I'm more than happy to be a designated driver for my friends in exchange for free nachos ;P I grew up in a divided home, but being surrounded by colorful people taught me to love everyone no matter who they are, where they come from, or what lifestyle they choose. I believe in being yourself, being unique, being kind and charitable, and most of all... I BELIEVE IN CHRIST

Why I am a Mormon

I was born LDS, but I didn't always feel as strongly about it as I do now. My older siblings had decided to move away from the church, and holding onto your beliefs when the ones you love don't seem to believe in them as well is a very difficult road to walk. To really understand why I chose the path I did though I guess there's one very important thing you'd have to know. When I was twelve I was abused by someone close to me. I won't of course go into any detail, but I will say that it truly changed the course of my life forever. The way I see it, when tragedy strikes there are two things you can do about it: you can crumble beneath the weight, or you can grow stronger from it. Now at this point you may be thinking that this is where I go off and brag about how I was able to be stronger than the pain and rise above it and blah blah blah..... but in truth it didn't go that way at all. I crumbled, and I crumbled hard. Not that anyone would have noticed since I am incredibly gifted at hiding my troubles when I want to. The truth is I wasn't strong enough. I was in pain, I hated myself, I never thought anyone could ever love me. I felt completely alone. Except I wasn't, and someone did love me, and I felt it. I wasn't strong enough to endure my pain but there was one person who could. That was my savior. He sent me love. He sent me strength. He lifted me up when I couldn't lift myself. In my darkest hours he sent me bright beacons of light through his children, through my friends, through this gospel. As I sat in church every week he filled my soul with light, and he made me realize that I was never alone, and that I would always be loved. Through his ever-vigilant care I gained a testimony of my one and only savior. Of his divine power and love. I gained a testimony of the spirit of peace and pure joy that I have only ever found in his one and only true church on earth. I have felt his arms around me, and I will never let go.

How I live my faith

I live my faith everyday by loving those around me. Christ taught us to "love one another" and that "charity is the pure love of Christ". I live my faith by accepting people for who they are and never judging someone for the decisions they may have made but by the way they treat those around them. I love to volunteer for local charities and I love to tell woman that they're beautiful. I live my faith by serving my God and listening to the words he gives me. In my ward I serve him by teaching classes devoted to learning about the gospel and the love of Christ. I live my faith through prayer, through fasting, and through obedience. I live my faith by being joyful.

How can faith in Jesus Christ influence us in our marriages and family relationships? in our friendships?

Faith is an interesting topic. To me there is really only one thing you need to learn. Faith is NOT about what we don't know, faith is about what we DO KNOW. Once you know that everything becomes a little clearer. Faith is about trusting is that portion of light that has already been given to you and letting it guide you even when the way ahead is dark. So then we take that and we talk about family and marriage. Family and marriage is one big UNKNOWN. You are taking the unpredictability of one life and doubling it or tripling it and tying yourself to all the unpredictability of another person's life. It can be scary. But when we have faith we can step forward even when we don't know what might come. We have faith in god and his eternal plan. We have faith in the knowledge of the strength he can give us, and his healing power. We can have faith in the love we have for another person. Faith in the love they have for us. Take that faith and hold onto it, let it lead you, let it carry you through the darkness. Show more Show less