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Hi I'm Blythe Passanando

I have been through the "refiner's fire" and come out on the other end, awaiting yet another cleansing period.

About Me

I'm a wife and a mother, but I didn't always want to be either one of these. I was going to be a career woman, maybe get married but never have children. After I joined the church my views changed very little. I learned over the years that I did want the Eternal family and mainly because the one I was born into wasn't exactly the best. Once I was married, the idea of children was constant in my mind. After six miscarriages I thought I would never get the chance to be a mother. Finally understanding why my body rejected the pregnancies, I was blessed with an active baby inside me. I thought all was going to be bright and beautiful, but I was wrong. Heavenly Father had yet another refiner's fire to put me through: cancer. This time the pain and suffering was not mine but my dear husband's. He was diagnosed just two weeks after our son was born. Cancer killed our chances for any other children born from us, and necrotizing fasciitis, a rare flesh-eating bacteria, was killed my husband. Prayers and fasts, doctors and nurses, faith and the Priesthood brought him back to life; but he was not the same. He would never be the same. We both changed, for the better (eventually) and our son is being raised in a home where the Spirit is prevalent and prayers are spoken. It wasn't always like this. I left the church for a time after everything. I was hurt and angry. To this day I don't know what brought me back into the fold, but I am happier now because of that decision.

Why I am a Mormon

I searched many years and many religions to find where I belonged. I have been asked to leave other faiths because I was too young to be excommunicated. I made leaders uncomfortable by my constant questions they seemingly could not or would not answer. I learned many good things from these other faiths including meditation and patience, but that wasn't enough: I wanted to know love. While researching yet another religion a friend asked if I would talk with the LDS missionaries. I had every thought geared and ready for my answer (no!), but to my and my friend's surprise I answered with a firm, "Yes." After about three weeks talking with the missionaries I did the first thing I had truly done just for me, I got baptized the day after my birthday. For several years after, I learned of love but not the way I had anticipated. I thought I was going to find my true love in the form of a husband but what I received was so much more, and continues to be so. It wasn't until I finally learned to love myself that I found myself in love for the very first time with another person. I thought that was the end of my love fest until we had our son. Now I understand more of the Savior's love!

How I live my faith

I have served in the Young Women's as a Beehive adviser (a Sunday teacher of girls ages 12 and 13). I knew nothing of the program since I was baptized at 22 years old, but I have loved nearly every moment of it! I have been the pianist for the Sunday woman's class, not a very good one but fulfilling my calling none the less. I am currently working within the Public Affairs office in our area under the Social Media group. I had no idea what I was getting involved in but every moment has been more fulfilling than I could possibly imagine. My husband and I love to throw parties and since the disbandment of the activities committee in the church, we have put together large church events that have been very satisfying and fun for all who have attended. We both work hard on bringing our church family closer together so we can better mourn with those that mourn and succor the weak. Facebook and emails have helped immensely but mostly the constant checking in on those we know and hear about have been the best way we have been able to keep everyone in touch.