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Hi I'm Austin Crapo

I grew up in a massive city surrounded by countryside. I'm a student studying to become a computer scientist.

About Me

I'm a full-time student in Alberta, Canada. I recently returned from serving a full-time mission in California. For two years I was speaking with others about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, trying to share it by living it. I program computers for fun, enjoy making videos and photos, reading about things I don't understand completely, and challenging the mind. Trombone player, shower soloist, electro-swing fan and a serious joker. 20 years on the planet and I still have no clue what 1% of it is really like, but being from Canada I got to see a lot of wildlife. City slicker at heart because I really can't stand to be in the cold, but I don't think I'll ever leave it, because I love the people that can stand it! New experiences are my quick kicks, even if it's new to be an expert at something I use to be terrible at. Sometimes you need to close a door, but there's hardly ever a reason to never open it again.

Why I am a Mormon

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is probably because at the age of 8 (the youngest possible) I made the choice to be baptized because I wanted to. I remain in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is definitely because at the age of 19 I started to explore seriously what it was I believed and started to really figure out my relationship with God. For 19 years I had tried my hardest to understand how God answered my questions and prayers. Then finally I decided to figure out what He wanted me to do. So I prayed and the answer that came through my feelings I understood to mean that I was to remain a member and to serve a mission for the church, for Him. I'm still not at that point but I know I've been making steps. For now I'm still trucking.

How I live my faith

Okay, that's a loaded question. I live my faith by believing it! Faith is action! It's faith when I walk down the street and feel I should go the long way, so I do. Faith when I decide to ask my friend if they want a copy of the Book of Mormon. There was definitely some faith when I hopped on a plane to California in the hopes I was doing the right thing, and there's faith whenever I apologize to someone I offended. I hope for a better world built on the foundation of Christ. Where billions of imperfect people realize that Christ holds the key to solving every problem we face today. You've been having a bad hair day? The purpose of life makes that such a minuscule problem the stress becomes tiny. Got in a car accident you're not sure you can pay for? Have faith that all things will be for your good and you might need to learn how to accept a helping hand. Someone offended you? Today looks like your day to learn how to forgive like Christ did. Someone I love died? Christ made it possible for me to see them again, and to know by His Spirit in the meantime of the joy available to those after this life. Car pollution is destroying your faith in humanity? Realize that Christ commissions us to control our own actions; through His prophets we have been asked to learn then share what we know to be true for the benefit of others. Really it truly is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that the world can be saved from the calamity of it's own self destruction.