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Hi I'm Brad Richmond

I'm a History and Canine Enthusiast, a Full-time Missionary to Armenia, and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

Well, I'm a 19 year old Missionary in the Armenia, Yerevan mission, and right now I am loving life! I hail from the desert mountains of Utah where the weather is mild but unpredictable. I have the best little brother and and awesome family! I like to read, to sing, to learn history, and to run. I love dogs, especially Boxers, as well as other animals. I love science and writing, and hope to be able to combine the two of them into a useful career some day. School is one of the best places in the world from me. I am from the best set of ancestors I could hope for. My grandparents are the greatest people the whole world over, and the legacy of faith I have stretching back to the pioneers who crossed the seas and the plains has given me so much of what I love and appreciate about life. So that's a big, big part of who I am. I have big dreams for the future, in particular my family, and look forward to working to make those a reality. I really like to work hard, so I am hopeful. The world is a hard place to be sometimes, but I am always excited to see just how far my potential and my happiness can stretch!

Why I am a Mormon

There are many reasons to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It is a source of hope for a better self and a better future. It is an institution that uplifts families and individuals and pushes them to be better than they were before. It teaches the word of God and provides us the daily encouragement and support that allows us to keep going despite challenges. The list could go on for a while. But the most important reason that I am a Mormon is that I have received a witness of its truthfulness from God himself. I've never seen and angel or a vision, but I cannot deny the answers that I have received as I have prayed and studied and struggled for the past two decades. I have felt the Savior and His love supporting me both in the difficult times and in the times of relative ease. I have been truly inspired by His Apostles and Prophets here on the earth today and their words have brought me closer to Christ. I have a testimony of the Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and of the restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints gained through the process of simple experimentation over time. That is the invitation that Mormon Missionaries extend to every man, woman, and child. Read the Book of Mormon. Pray to God. Come to Church. In other words, experiment upon the words of Christ, and God will answer even your smallest questions and concerns. As you do I know He will tell you all things that are true, and all things that you should do, because He has done so for me and countless others around me.

How I live my faith

To me, every moment of every day provides a priceless opportunity to truly living my faith. A life like that of President Thomas S. Monson and other incredible examples is not built upon grand and great good decisions, but upon millions of small ones made when nobody but you and God are looking. Though I'm young and have a lot to learn, I try to be an example of a good disciple of Jesus Christ at all times. I strive every day to develop integrity, Christlike-love, and to be the best person I can be. Some specific things that I do every day include studying my scriptures, praying, working hard, living the Church's standards of behavior and morality, and looking for opportunities to love and serve. Also, weekly church attendance is a very sacred and important part of my week. Spending time with family and engaged in productive and uplifting materials are wonderful sources of support and strength. Finally, being engaged in preparing for a bright and happy future is soothing to the soul and points me towards my future dreams and further towards my God. It's been said that how we treat other people is one of the greatest ways to truly demonstrate ones faith, and I try to utilize that idea as much as possible. I value kindness and compassion and am always trying to do my best to get along with and uplift those around me. Again, I'm not perfect (and sometimes all that fills my mouth is my foot), but I wish to do the best that I can for my Savior. A big part of this is striving to have the virtue of integrity at all times. There aren't many feelings better than going to sleep at night knowing that you helped to lift someone else's burden, that you didn't waste the time God gave you, and that you can have the sweet peace of conscience that can only come from being honest. I love my faith for the opportunity it gives me to be the best man I can be before God.