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Hi I'm John

I'm a 3rd generation Latter-Day-Saint, proud husband to Kim and father to Jack.

About Me

I am the oldest of 3 children, raised in the gospel from birth. I served a 2 year mission in France, Marseille from 1998-2000 under 2 fantastic mission presidents; Dansie and Wilcox. As of writing this I have been married for 5 and a half years and work as a Business Intelligence Consultant, working in London. Essentially that means I handle large amounts of raw digital data and transform it into a way that non-techies can make use of.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm firstly a Mormon because I was born into the faith - but at the age of 34, I can safely say I am a Mormon because I choose to be. One of the many misconceptions of those outside of the church about being a Mormon is that it's a faith that is restrictive. I can see how it would appear that way, but the gospel makes me free. I've found the only things in hold me back in this life are the things that make me unhappy; unkindness, selfishness, unforgiving, close mindedness, hatred... and my gospel teaches me that all those things need not be a part of my life if I do my best and pass the rest to Christ. I love knowing that even in this life, I can find the answers to the purpose of why I'm here on earth. I love knowing that it wasn't an accident, that I'm not alone, that when I die all the pain and effort of this life hasn't gone to waste. I love knowing that I can be with my family and loved ones again after we die. I love the feelings that I get when I serve others too. From the time that I served my mission, I learned that sharing my testimony or rather feelings of the gospel always brought a special feeling to my heart that I've never been able to replicate in any other way. I am a Mormon because Christ lived - he lived as sure as a wet British summer. If you knew something as epic as knowing that there was a God and that he had a very specific reason for you to be here; would you not do all in your power to do it?

How I live my faith

I'm currently serving as the Sunday School President in Staines and love being a part of the ward here. We have a wonderful Bishopric and good people in the ward who make coming to Church on Sunday a really uplifting experience. I'm sure I am not alone when I ask myself the question, (How do I live my faith?), and quickly turn to reflect on the 2 years missionary service I performed. Being asked to devote 2 years of your life at such a young age is exactly where a young man should be - learning to make sacrifices and serve others. It's those skills that I learned in the mission field that enabled me to enter marriage feeling like I was prepared and able to be a man who could hold responsibility and contribute to the best of my ability. I strive to be a Christlike husband and father and am grateful for marriage as I most definitely need reminding that I need to improve. I also think living my faith is a very personal thing - I try to be true to my values even when there are those who aren't watching. I love my 17 minute train ride to work every weekday, which gives me the chance to read my scriptures on my phone which gives me the daily spiritual nourishment that I need to retain my focus on Christ. My faith enables me to pass through the refiner's fire of life and stand a chance of coming out the other side in some kind of usable shape.