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Hi I'm Robert "Bobby" Alger

I was born in Las Vegas. Raised in Utah. I'm a musician. I love Pop-Tarts. I love to smile. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I come from a blended family of 9 children. My mother passed away when I, the youngest, was 5. My father took our family of 5 kids to Utah and re-married a wonderful woman with a similar backstory, along with 4 children of her own. We all get along splendidly. I am a musician. I compose music for Wind Ensembles and Orchestras. I play Trumpet, French Horn, Piano, and Guitar. I love to laugh and smile, and I laugh at my own jokes. I enjoy hiking and laying in hammocks. I graduated from Lone Peak High School in Highland, UT. I speak Spanish and I am currently serving a Full-Time Mission in Chicago, IL.

Why I am a Mormon

Though born into a family of Mormons and having always considered myself to be a Mormon, I reached a point in my teenage years where I needed to decide for myself if I was wasting my time or not. I spent much time thinking about it and eventually decided to take my question to the source. I decided to pray and to communicate my worries to my Father in heaven. As I prayed, I had a clarity of purpose and a comfort that enveloped me. That moment, along with numerous other similar experiences have solidified my knowledge that this was indeed the true church of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by looking for those in need of a lift. I try to understand before being understood. I try to emulate the virtues exemplified by Jesus Christ, such as Charity, Humility, Diligence, and others. I'm not perfect, but I try. I have been called as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and have been assigned to labor in the Illinois Chicago mission.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Robert "Bobby" Alger
I always thought it was weird that if God had sent prophets to the people way back whenever, why would he not send prophets to us now? Does God not care about everyone, only a few? But the idea that there IS a prophet that lives today was comforting. In times like now that are constantly changing, it's a comforting idea that through modern revelation, we can know God's will for us now. I know that through following the prophet's counsel, I have felt a reassurance and comfort in an ever darkening world. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Robert "Bobby" Alger
The reality of God or of a god was a question that I have often asked myself. I thought very scientifically for a time and doubted the existence of God. However, after thinking about it for a good deal of time I came to the conclusion that there is a God and that he is very aware of the goings on in our life. Science may be able to tell me why there are so many stars or what they are made of, but it can't articulate why I feel the way I do when I look upon them. Science can tell me why music sounds the way it does or why certain notes work together to make a certain timbre, but it fails to explain why I am so moved when I hear it. We are something more than just bodies moving through life, we are the children of a Heavenly Father. The Book of Mormon has been another proof of the reality of God. Every time I read it, I am enlightened and feel of the love that God does indeed have for us. Show more Show less